Happy with mine. If you go hiking anywhere in western Europe you'll see the majority of people with at least one piece of Quechua gear. 13 Feb 2018 #13 Top; night cycler said: I understand that now, thank you for explaining. You must log in or register to reply here. Costco in Canada sells 100% Merino LS shirts for 20CAD, Made in Canada, branded Woolmark / Cloudveil. Discover our collection of Men's Sports Watches, offering high quality at affordable prices. Video game reviews only. Book Reviews; Podcast; Staff Awareness; Sports retail giant Decathlon leaks 123 million customer and employee records . Decathlon Reviews by Job Title. I will recommend. With a super-tall head tube and compact top tube (more details on those below), the bike sits you upright relative to your general entry-level race bike, or even a fair chunk of the endurance-specific market too. However, they're a budget retailer and such a high delivery charge adds up. Decathlon is, after all, a business. Some of their kids range could be a bit better but the ones they do for grown ups represent good value for money IMHO. I was very impressed and wanted to see and try them. I've picked up lots of gear from them over the years, like zip off pants for $35 that I've used consistently for 2 years with no sign of wear, neck warmers for $5, compressible fanny pack for $5, lots of little day packs for a couple bucks, rain pants, $5 hiking tees (love these)... Let me know what you guys find or what you recommend if you do have stuff from them. I think I could live in a MEC. Explore online on our website. free, no-hassle returns. We do have Decathlon here in Germany.. Decathlon to start selling second hand bikes. The best tandem kayaks of 2021 escape 11 best inflatable kayaks your ing inflatable kayak blue wave sports nomad pine and lakes echo journalInflatable Kayak Decathlon Review Sevylor In Canada Uk 2 Person Fishing Reddit Outdoor Gear Rei Reviews Co ExpocafeperuInflatable Kayak Decathlon Review Sevylor In Canada Uk 2 Person Fishing Reddit Outdoor Gear Rei … Going 2moro pm to look at buying a very lightly used road bike seller has forgotten what model as he hasn't looked at it for age's. "Gimcrack: A showy object of little use or value". business. > Find your nearest Decathlon store here > Buy this online here. I live in Switzerland and until last year had to rely on work trips to Germany for my decathlon fix. Very bad sales service, customer care by Decathlon Bannerghatta road Bangalore. 4. They also have a US site and will ship anywhere within CA. Mens basketball shoes: Basketball is a game that requires frequent jumping, agility, and movements. It's a very antiquated word, though...probably hasn't been in popular use for 120 years. The 70% merino 30% acrylic are more durable in my experience, holes can appear very fast on the 100%. Find a pair that combines comfort with total protection. However, from your review, the main issue of the product is not clear. I get that Decathlon uses Shimano sets in their bikes, and the frame doesn’t matter that much if you aren’t a hardcore (professional) cyclist. /edit: is gimcrack an actual word? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Real good value for money. Share on Reddit; Email to a friend; By Mildred Locke. 1. I tried 9 of my closest stores - NOT ONE had any clubs in store and NOT ONE had a member of staff who knew anything about golf. When it comes to buy any kind of sports gear or sports wear the first place I go is decathlon its the place where you can find each and every sports related item under a single roof weather sports accessories, chothing, equipments etc. ooo any chance you have connections for the Montreal one? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. staffs are rude and doesn't know how to behave properly. Shop now to enjoy free delivery over £30. July 8, 2020 at 12:32 pm . Discover our collection of Men's Sports Shoes, offering high quality at affordable prices. Reactions: MitchF, Alan wolfe, Darren and 2 others. How many stars would you give Decathlon Belgium? Whatever your active pursuit, discover how to take it to the next level with sporting tips and advice on Decathlon PLAY. Decathlon’s dramatically redesigned Triban loses the B’Twin name while gaining disc brakes and more, and is one of our £1,000 Bike of the Year contenders Voice your opinion today and hear what 26988 customers have already said. Decathlon E-ST520 MTB Review. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Why would you go to Decathlon when you have MEC? For those that don't know, Decathlon has their own brand called Quechua, and their goal is to make outdoor sports affordable. Is the med size frame a tad too small for you, hence raising the seat post by that amount? He liked how the bike was very easy to live with thanks to the relaxed geometry, making it ideal for long distance rides or for those new to the sport. Hybrid bikes are a great solution for many commuters and leisure cyclists who prefer a … Wellies. Besides, from my experience, literally every European would end up shopping in REI. I would love to, unfortunately, the REI staff won't listen to my repeated demands for them to open up in Europe. The neutral handling and its ability to cruise along at moderate speeds were also highlights. London (25) Northampton (16) Harlow (7) Poole (7) Coventry (6) See more Decathlon reviews by location. Do you agree with Decathlon UK Ltd's TrustScore? Agreed, there are a few worthy products like this year's quechua full down jacket/vest, silk gloves, arpenaz 40L backpack (no more), cheap fleeces but usually you get what you pay for.For example, their R1 knockoff is well cut, made of an unknown fabric with no odor control and isn't that cheap. Bait & Switch Fed up with them 'going out of stock' of reduced items just as I am about to purchase them and they are in my basket about to pay. Seems to be good value to me. Discover our award winning range of exclusive Golf Clubs, Balls, Shoes, Clothing & Equipment. Reddit; Myspace; Tumblr; Skype; Coming soon with link and decathlon reviews. it's like how Uniqlo has their cheap ultra light down. Mad Mark E*POWAH Elite. Do you agree with Decathlon UK Ltd’s star rating? Please write back to me with the issue you faced with the product so that we can provide you the best possible solution. Find another … Luke Irwin 26th February 2020. For short walks it may be a bit too warm. Does anyone have experience with them? Decathlon reckons this is ‘the most comfortable ride’ it has ever designed, and this model features numerous comfort-boosting features. Haha gimcrack is not a word but I like it. Feel free to submit your own reviews. Whatever sport you are into, we have a wide range of shoes for each sport. why pay $20 for a fleece neck warmer). They're also reasonably cut, not super boxy like some Costco items. If you go hiking anywhere in western Europe you'll see the majority of people with at least one piece of Quechua gear. They have a 1 year warranty/return policy. Your experience matters. Online. I'd rather pay twice the price for a quality apparel on sale. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The RC 520 Gravel is based around the same frameset as used on the RC 520 Road that Ash gave a glowing review. So I understand that they're trying to make the most money out of the surge in sales because of the pandemic and people wanting to exercise more. Shop now to enjoy free delivery over £30. Yea would love to hear about the fit and comfort of the wool stuff. Can't speak highly enough of them, I've only owned a Triban 3 but have hired loads of them in Spain. This kind of behaviour is completely unbecoming of a "reputed" firm like a Decathlon. I like the look of your Triban CF 560. I tried one on when I was in France last summer and it seemed nice - IIRC the fit was off for me. Patreon. Prices are insanely low and quality is actually really good, I'd say at least midrange. I don't bother taking my own bike for short tours nowadays, I just hire a. Ok Racing roadkill thanks. Sports Advisor (27) Warehouse Worker (16) Customer Service Representative (14) Sales Assistant (13) Sales Advisor (10) See more Decathlon reviews by job title. On top of it: slow delivery and badly stocked. I love a lot of their base layer stuff it’s good quality for the price. Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that? Rear pannier rack ready. Travel 500 Merino Shirts These are hands down the best Decathlon product! This sub is about overnight backpacking with a focus on moving efficiently and packing light, generally aiming at a sub 10lb base weight. 6.8k. Hah! As Racing Roadkill says the medium frame is fine at 5'10", I put a longer (better) stem on mine as I wanted to be less upright when on the hoods and I find it very comfortable. I live in India, and all the major cities have a couple … I honestly don't know why they don't, there seems to be very few chain, quality, outdoor stores in Europe at the moment and depending on local outfitters can be...interesting. Ah man, I'm in NY, would have been fun, thanks. Created Oct 31, 2008. Short frame geometry, 1900g in size 57, robust lifetime warranty frame, available in 5 sizes (51,54,57,60,63). At Decathlon, we understand the technical requirement of each game and hence design the shoes keeping those requirements in mind. Thread starter MB55; Start date Nov 20, 2020; M. MB55 Just Joined. Welcome to the Decathlon Golf Shop. Share on Reddit; Email to a friend; By Anya Gilbert, Jack Luke. Price/quality is unbeatable for some of their stuff. Can't speak highly enough of the Triban 560 CF, dunno if it's still got the £100 off but it's excellent value at that £700 price point. Video; Article; r/gamereviews Rules . Check out what 26,988 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Reactions: Racing roadkill. I use the longsleeves on almost all my hikes. Appalling service! They have some good racing cycles with high end components and aluminium and/or carbon frames. JavaScript is disabled. It's a good deal when on sale.There's a brand new one that should be better with a 10% nylon sheath. While it's really cheap, I wouldn't call it good quality. There is no catch. See More . Someone on a ski touring page recommended their simmonds brand as well which I think is the next level up and it’s great. GameReviews is a subreddit dedicated to video game reviews of all platforms and genres, written or directed by the average gamer. What size did you get, and how tall are you? Fork Carbon B'TWIN SPORT forks with aluminium pivot (550 g) Drive train 8-speed MICROSHIFT shifters. GB. Members. Written and video reviews are welcome. Decathlon are advertising a new range of Inesis golf club on YouTube via a national golf magazine. Yes | No . February 5, 2019 at 12:01 am . Cant find any reviews as its just released. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'll have to check it out when I go to SF. Join the 108 people who’ve already contributed. Most decathlon stuff is good. I have 5 tickets. Really comfortable. Should be a fun - they are French, after all. 2. DISCOVER. >>> Eight best hybrid bikes 2019: ridden and rated The bike comes equipped with a Suntour NCX Air suspension fork, with remote lockout, allowing you to either take advantage of the 63mm of travel on rougher terrain, or take t… I understand that now, thank you for explaining. I was wondering if anyone would notice before the Grand Opening. Racing roadkill Guru. Filter by flair. Racks specifically for Decathlon bikes-do they exist? For those that don't know, Decathlon has their own brand called Quechua, and their goal is to make outdoor sports affordable. They … r/Ultralight is the largest online Ultralight Backpacking community! Decathlon B’Twin Rockrider Drowp 9 review. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 100% tshirts for $30-ish and 70% stuff for $18? Very happy with my BTwin 540. Gym activewear. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. | Read 61-80 Reviews out of 26,988. Prices are insanely low and quality is actually really good, I'd say at least midrange. Apr 16, 2020 1 5. A guy was telling me recently that he got his MTB from there and he found it to be good value. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. The only thing you should definitely change on it (IMO) is the saddle but apart from that it's great as sold. Decathlon Riverside 500 with rattling fork. The reason I asked is that the seat post looks like it is extended a quite a bit. Yea I wouldn't call it great quality but I think there is a lot of outdoor gear that people overpay for that has no extra durability over a more budget option (e.g. free, no-hassle returns. Podcasts are also fine. Please write back to me with the issue you faced with the product so that we can provide you the best possible solution. New owned one, but im a regular customer in. What's the catch? If you know what to look for, they have some really good gear! 2,445 Decathlon reviews. Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, has suffered a massive data breach, affecting 123 million customer and employee records. I've linked the long sleeve version, as I think its perfect for hiking! They have excellent service and the cost is quite low too, IMO. edit: probably not much of a catch. Decathlon Reviews by Location. Odor control is still very good but durability is not on par with better quality ones like rab meco. I'm nearby in SF, grew up with Decathlon in France, and would love to check out the opening! Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. I’ve got the ultralight £30 job and that’s fine with a tshirt or thin jumper in this weather. Low mark-up, high sales. Press J to jump to the feed. Triban RC 520 Disc review. They hold up great against smell, are comfortable to wear (I also use them in daily live and for travel all the time), easy to care for and affordable. C&C at Decathlon C&C at Asda 365 Days Return Find a Store. You can accumulate your rating/reviews after claim ownership of this page and visitor of this page can feel better user experience. The fit is rather good, slim unlike a lot of decathlon gear shaped for couch potatoes. Read 1 more review about Decathlon UK Ltd Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore thewrongtrousers 8 reviews. The Decathlon store is quite easy for me to get to. I also like that their stuff tends to be on the slimmer side. Just found out that my favorite outdoor sports store in Europe opened up in San Francisco a few months back. Glad you Americans can experience the Decathlon gear :) now send us an REI store to Paris please. Most Searched Products. Is there even a grand opening of the Montreal one? I really think people could put together an amazing frugal UL packing list with their stuff. Manufacturer: Decathalon Model: Stilus Model Year: 2020 Price Paid: 2,699 New/Used: Brand New Score (out of 10): 8 Review: After reading some of the threads around the amazing value for money offer from Decathalon, I decided to take a punt and get one. So, we just signed on to provide their PR services and while reading /Ultralight isn't in our scope of work, community relations is. I had a look last week at what they have in stock at the Sheffield store. Nov 20, 2020 #1 I've been lurking for a while and while not new to pedalecs (Giant Twist front drive for 9 years) this is my first emtb and thought I'd post a review on the Decathlon E-ST520. Read 3 more reviews about Decathlon UK Ltd Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Colin 1 review. Decathlon lists the spec and its plus points thus: Frame 6061 T6 Triban aluminium sloping frame with integrated head tube. Nothing I've bought from them has had any issues after several years of use. Nov 2, 2018 433 263 Burton on Trent Ride Cube Action Team Jan 9, 2020 #2 To be honest John (see what I did there) for that sort of money you seem to be getting a lot of bike, … I really recommend browsing the catalog and, if you aren't in CA maybe know someone that is (they do plan to expand eventually). 3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0 GBP £2,171.77 RRP Skip to view deals. It's inexpensive and rather cheap. A most excellent business strategy. Thanks in advance John . Contact us or claim, if want to remove or update this business. Complete your workout with every one of your essentials. And also at resionable price, the product are … Downhill starter bike Our rating . Companies > Decathlon > Employee reviews. So, if any of you are in SF and want to attend the party on April 5th (6-9pm), hit me up. I've had enough of the rude, surly attitude of the staff's at Decathlon. Made from a lightweight 6061 aluminium the unisex B’Twin Riverside 920 hybrid is impressively light for a hybrid, weighing just over 12kg, depending on size, with our small coming in at around the 12.2kg mark. The mark up on clothing is insane.

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