Somedays some of these techniques will work better than others so you should give all of them a try on a day of fishing to see what bass are looking for. I have always had good luck with them. For braided lines, I am partial to Spiderwire lines. If you don't know much about fishing and are looking for a something to help you out, this tutorial may be what you need. Use braided line when possible or a good monofilament. And you can always keep improving your technique with experimentation. For most lures, the walking the dog action starts with the rod slightly pointed downward, with the tip just a few inches off the water. 7-foot graphite worm rods are perfect for Walking the Dog. You should be aiming to move the rod tip only about six inches in … “Walking the dog” is the zigzagging retrieve used for various cigar-shaped topwater lures that walk across the water while twitching your rod. This causes the lure to dart erratically and randomly from side to side, much like a real baitfish in distress. Don't tie directly to the eye of the bait. “You have to have the right rod and reel and the right line to have your Spooks walk right,” Campbell says. Many times, when a baitfish becomes injured or sick, it loses control of its swim bladder and becomes unable to dive. There are lots of ways to catch bass, and each method has its advocates. Longer retrieves increase the chances of strikes. Making your topwater lure move side to side or give it the “walk the dog” action can be hard to master. In this video, you'll find out how to "walk the dog." You can go with a full retrieve or a stop-and-go retrieve, or any combination. If you don't know much about fishing and are looking for a something to help you out, this tutorial may be what you need. 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Im putting together my first baitcasting combo and Im very excited about it. So what I do, I use a snap. Walking the dog for bass can be a great technique that is full of surprises and action. It certainly takes the aspect of “visual fishing” to the next level, leaving a large smile and full live well for those anglers willing to give it a try. But you may have to act fast as this top walk the dog fishing is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. It's a fishing technique that, is used by experienced fishermen and is used to help lure a fish into striking. They are usually floating, or slow-sinking. Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from! So check out the video, pay attention, and enjoy! To start with, in addition to the proper lures, you need the correct equipment to make this work. Videos from the Livewell, Basscam, angler interviews & more!”> Mike Iaconelli talks about "walking the dog… Just a suggestion. 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But it's a lot easier if you have a little loop knot in the front or if you've got a split ring or a snap, that allows the bait to swing freely and it's a lot easier to walk the dog that way. Walking the Dog refers to both a particular type of lure and a specific technique. Keep the rod tip low and then continue to retrieve and start to flick your wrist to begin the side to side or ‘walk the dog’ movement. Zara Spook fishing and walking the dog is what this video is about. Email. The action is supplied by the angler by twitching the rod tip with it pointed slightly downward, with a little slack in the line. It is one of the easiest lures to "walk the dog". A story Fisho received this week of a recent kingfish capture is one bizarre tale!. Just my opinion. Learn where and when to fish it, what line, rod, and reel to use! With a little practice, you will get the feel for how much slack to reel in, and how to twitch. Working it fast will create a tight zigzagging action, while waiting a second between pumps of the rod will allow the lure to make a wider side-to-side glide.

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