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Kristen Schindler: The Mission-Minded Mom- How to Create and Live Out Your Daily Mission

Tara Roehl: Navigating From the Point of Success: Encouraging Your Child Every Step of the Way

Kathy Gibbens: Raising kids who know HOW to think well (so they’re not fooled by a world that’s constantly trying to tell them WHAT to think!)


Homeschool Life

Kimberly Probst & Teresa Johnson: Single Parent Homeschooling

Kirsten Kernc: Keeping Marriage Above Homeschooling

Tara Roehl: If You Build It… Will They Come? Creating a Community to Find  Your People

Going Deeper K-8

Yvonne Strachan: Identifying and Adapting to the Challenges of Homeschooling

Kimberly Probst: Teaching Self Government

Yvonne Strachan: Recalculating: When homeschool plans change course

High School

Pamela Gray Willcox: Planning your journey: Laying the foundations for college, community college, conservatory or technical/trade school.

Pamela Gray Willcox: Road Map for the Trip: Detailed directions, a 5-year to-do list for college planning.

Kirsten Kernc: Post-High School: One Size Does Not Fit All

Health in your Homeschool

Julie Black, Callie DelGrosso, & Shelley Ring: Homeopathy 101

Danni Gugel: Parenting in the Digital Age

Colleen Prayne: Mental Heath in your Homeschool

Special Needs

Danni Gugel: The Moldable Brain-Using Neuroplasticity to Reach Full Potential

Danni Gugel: Putting ADHD into Focus

Julaine Swithers and Karyn Robson: Help For the Struggling Reader

Defending Your Rights

Julie Park: Raising the Next Generation of Patriots

Tim & Carrie Geitner: Current Education Climate in Colorado


2022 Colorado Homeschool Conference Presentation & Speaker Line Up

We are so excited to present an array of experienced homeschoolers to encourage and equip you!

Meet the speakers that will be at our 2022 Conference to share their wisdom, experience, insight, and expertise as we come together to Dare to Dream about what amazing things our families can do  during the 2022-2023 school year.

Saturday, May 14, 2022 

8:00am- 5:00pm 

The Road @Chapel Hills

2025 Parliament Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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Keynote Speakers:

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