Format multiple images into a tidy layout. This time is equal to the time it takes to go from the capital of the attacker to the capital of the defender. This option is only available in the Military post. Conquering a territory without using force. If the fortress of such a colony is demolished, it does not drop a level. Automatic destruction - a player can lose his colony if the account remains blocked by administrators of the game for more than 7 days or is in vacation mode for more than 16 days for realm speed x4 and more than 7 days in realm speed x10. Travel time of the attacks is between 55 and 60 minutes, randomly defined, as attacks are visible by the defender from the moment of its sending. Note: Only the colonies founded on special resource can be automatically destroyed. Reach maximum number of towers allowed for the fortress level in Capital. Efficiency . Every Barbarian Camp gives a basic reward. Register Now. The number of military units you can deploy in the facility is limited and depends on the level of the Military camp. In this case, upon annexing, the player must select the type of terrain and respectively - the bonus for the dominion. Every following annexed province is 10% less efficient compared to the previous one. The option is available when you click on the holding on the Global map. The same bonus granted by two different special resource terrains are accumulated.Example: If you have 2 holdings on rich gold field, you will have 10% gold income bonus. Each level of Trade Administration allows the establishment of one trading post. The colony is granted two unique bonuses: 50% raise to two gubernatorial skills. The espionage report holds information about the army and the reward you can get upon destroying the dominion. Income from vassal tribute: it is predetermined by the parameters of the independent city. Imperia Online is an online Medieval RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Game. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. It forbids all attacks towards your Empire.If there is an attack that is already sent to your Empire, even if you activate the Vacation mode, the attack will be completed.The Vacation mode STOPS all resource production, army Upkeep and population growth, and the 168 hour period of loan payment, as well as the deposit period is intermitted until the mode's deactivation. They can be spied and attacked in Field Battle, but cannot be conquered. The fortress cannot be upgraded, its highest level is 3.In tab ’Military’, a button for construction of fortress level will become accessible in case the fortress was damaged by enemy’s attack. A colony cannot be destroyed by its owner if there are any units, either present in it, or traveling from/to it. It can be adjacent to other player’s trading post, a colony, a military post or a vassal. In Imperia Online realms you can conquer: independent cities, empty terrains from your exclusive zone or near it, and alliance castles. Most of them are located outside the exclusive zone on free spots, where they can be looted, annexed or turned into vassals. This means that they are passive until certain conditions are fulfilled. The vast lands of Imperia Online are shown on the map. This page contains Imperia Online cheats, hints, walkthroughs and more for PC. The vassal will turn back to an independent city and you will lose the income. Imperia Online Journey My journey through this great game! There are 15 different levels of Barbarian Camps. Independent free terrains may occupy up to 4 points on the map. Succession to the throne . The research Colonial bureaucracy boosts the efficiency with 5% per level (not exceeding 100%). If the military post is destroyed while there is an ongoing military mission sent from it, this army returns to the Capital and the travel time remains unchanged, meaning that the army will return in the capital for the same time she would return to the military post.Attacks on military post, which protect a trading post, are not affected by point range penalties, meaning that there are no punishments on the morale, honor or the attack of the invader. Imperia Online 'Age of Conquest' takes you to a world that exists right before the age of gunpowder. Level 1: Growth 0, Level 2: Growth 5, Level 3: Growth 10, Level 4: Growth 10, Level 5: Growth 10, Level 6: Growth 15, Level 7: Growth 15, Level 8: Growth 15, Level 9: Growth 20, Level 10: Growth 20. You cannot colonize a terrain which is adjacent to already annexed province of other user. Conquering of a vassal: the vassal cannot be looted by enemies but can be taken over in case it is located outside your exclusive zone. Local barbarians are never led by a General. In the Command center there is an option for retreat of the defending army. When it reaches 0, the holding is destroyed and the user loses the accumulated resources, the net worth points gained from the establishment and development.