Nymphs fished deep dominate most of the action on the river when there isn’t a hatch going on, and it’s how you’ll probably be catching the majority of your fish. An occasional fish is taken shallower on helmeted herring, but most of the fish are deeper. When a lifelong heart condition became worse, Donny Jones, who lives near Seattle, knew by last June that he’d be heading to Spokane. This year’s spawning kokanee adults in Lake Coeur d’Alene achieved near record size. WDFW has released a substantial number of cutthroat into Lake Chelan’s Monument Bay. Trout running 15-20 inches are being caught in the main lake as well as the San Poil Arm. Spin casters might feel outnumbered here many days, but conventional anglers will often turn to spinners and spoons to draw strikes from aggressive trout. The fishing isn’t fast, but the fish can easily run into the teens. The river consist of areas of riffles and some deeper pools, depending on the particular section of the river. When the colder months roll around, most of the minimal attention the Spokane gets during the summer and fall dies down, and for good reason – the Spokane is not a great river to fish during the winter. Carter Reschke is a freelance writer based in Bend, Oregon. Spokane’s appeal as a fly-fishing destination is about more than the river that runs through it. Washington and Idaho hunters are still asking, “Where are the ducks?” In the Columbia Basin, goose hunting is holding up, and a lot of the big birds have moved to Lake Spokane. Give directly to The Spokesman-Review's Northwest Passages community forums series -- which helps to offset the costs of several reporter and editor positions at the newspaper -- by using the easy options below. With warm temperatures projected through the weekend, thin ice covers have been compromised. Tried the Spokane River between Nine mile and the mouth of the Little Spokane today for Majestic Mountain Whitefish from the shore. Most traditional nymphing patterns work well – a particularly deadly duo is a rubber legs stonefly nymph (a girdle bug, for example) paired with a beadhead pheasant tail. As mentioned last week, the best duck hunting in Washington is near Patterson on the Columbia River, but hunters who don’t launch at “Zero Dark Thirty” are finding their spots already occupied when they arrive. So this is largely a catch and release experience for the upper part of the Spokane River, where there has been an issue with toxins. In Eastern Washington, trout are spring crowd pleasers especially in the lakes that open in late April. Part of the Columbia River Basin, Moses Lake stretches along the course of Crab Creek, a tributary of the Columbia. While it’s not perfect, it’s one of the best in Eastern Washington and we’ve included the Spokane River among our picks in Best Fly Fishing Rivers in Washington. Kokanee sampling completed during the summer, however, indicated that younger kokanee are highly abundant. They are available in significantly lower numbers than the rainbows, but many browns in the river are at least 18 inches long and can give you a run for your money with their feisty nature. When nothing’s happening on the surface, nymphing during the summer months is also an extremely effective tactic. Trout limit is 2; Spokane River and tributaries From Post Falls Dam upstream to Coeur d'Alene Lake. Please refer to the current Fishing in Washington Sport Fishing Rules Pamphlet. Fishing & Boating in Spokane. Males were the third largest and females were the second largest on record since surveys started in 1954. My family has had a degree of success fishing for steelhead the past two years at Rock Lake, which is located about 40 minutes south of Cheney near the small town of Ewan, Washington. Huge thanks to Silver Bow fly shop for the awesome tripWebsite: https://www.silverbowflyshop.com/spokane-river-guided-fly-fishing/ Northwest Outfitters - Orvis. floating power bait about 3ft up from the bottom. Dry flies aren’t the main show on the Spokane, but you’ll see multiple stonefly patterns throughout the summer. They should be here, but they’re not. The Spokane River has the unique feature of being likely the only great fly fishing river in the Pacific Northwest that runs directly through the center of a large town. Spokane River suffers from low oxygen and high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)and metals, which are bad for fish and other aquatic animals. Daily Bag Limits. There are no emergency fishing rules currently in effect for Spokane River (Spokane County). Some lakes to keep your eye on in the Idaho Panhandle are Fernan, Cocolalla and Upper and Lower Twin. Gifts processed in this system are not tax deductible, but are predominately used to help meet the local financial requirements needed to receive national matching-grant funds. Eloika is a big maybe, and so is Hog Canyon. And all hooks on flies and lures must be barbless. The Spokane River flows right through the middle of Washington's second-largest city, yet it's relatively little known but surprisingly good, especially if you're fly fishing for trout. The city of Spokane is here because of the river. We’re located just 25 miles north of the beautiful town of Davenport, Washington. Fishing: From Upper Boundary of Plese Flats Day Use Area to Nine Mile Dam: 8,000-9,000 hatchery triploid trout are stocked annually in this section. Selective gear rules apply to the river from Nine Mile Dam upstream to the Idaho border, meaning anglers also can use lures with single hooks, but no bait. Also, almost all of the river below Long Lake down to Lake Roosevelt is on the Spokane Reservation, so you’ll need the appropriate tribal permit to get fishing and camping access. Except as modified in Special Rules Fishing is not allowed within the posted upstream and downstream boundary of any fish weir or trap. Click a section for summary info, click a pin for location details. Nymphing a stone with a smaller hot bead (or hot spot) pattern is also a go-to. All regions will host virtual open houses where hunters can hear about proposals and regional overviews. This lake provides good fishing for warmwater fish, such as Yellow Perch, Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, and Black Crappie. Spokane River, Washington Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions Reported by NW Outfitters. It may be located far from the more populated Western Washington, and it often gets overlooked for more famous fishing rivers, but the Spokane River is one of the best-kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest. Spokane River and tributaries From state line upstream to Post Falls Dam. The safest bets in Washington are Gillette and Thomas in the Little Pend Oreille chain and Bonaparte Lake. Lake Spokane: Good fishery for black crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch. 15 in. Bonaparte is especially intriguing as it has big tiger and brook trout as well as rainbow, kokanee and mackinaw. Passionate about the outdoors, Carter is a fly fishing aficionado and spends his days on the river when he’s not writing. I recently looked all over town with no success for some non-toxic pheasant loads. Remember to replace any treble hooks with barbless single-point hooks before fishing. Because of the presence of PCBs in fish, the Washington Department of Health issued a Health Advisoryfor eating Spokane River fish. In addition to great caddis activity the Spokane River has hatches of salmonflies, skwala stones, and blue winged olive mayflies. Spokane River Fishing Map Fishing Guides and Float Trips Visibility: 44 inchesWater temperature at mid-day: 38 Degrees F Water condition: ClearBest time of day to fish: afternoonsBest stretch: Idaho side for smallmouth bass and a few trout, Washington for troutBest access point: Plenty of Centennial trail optionsFly fishing hatches in order of importance:Caddis, stoneflies, leaches, wooly buggers Even with its close proximity to the city of Spokane, the river itself doesn’t get as much love as it should. Since the spring of 2018, the metal fishing club, H2O Metal Fortunes, has pulled 16 scooters and one bike from the river. Overall the flows have been much higher than normal this year. Almost immediately, I … Silver Bow said for streamers, “Try goofy, random types that you may not fish other places. Trout limit is 6, no harvest of Cutthroat Trout; Coeur d'Alene Lake (includes Benewah, Chatcolet lakes, Coeur d'Alene River Chain Lakes and all tributaries to Coeur d'Alene Lake) Stripping leech patterns or wooly buggers through the deeper pools and swinging them through the shallower runs can sometimes convince the larger browns to bite. This highly controlled section of river has a mixture of trout, landlocked salmon, and warmwater fish including bass, panfish and walleye. Flashy patterns with good profile are important during winter flows. If you’re looking for a fun day of catching healthy rainbow and brown trout without the crowds, check out the Spokane River – you won’t regret it. Rainbow Trout with a hook. Anglers are catching easy limits on just about anything they throw, from bait to flies. Flies, plugs and apex lures in varying colors, mostly on planer boards, are taking some big trout on Lake Pend Oreille. The trout spey and streamer swinging has been good lately with some nice fish being caught. © Copyright 2021, The Spokesman-Review | Community Guidelines | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Copyright Policy, Gray whale population drops by quarter off U.S. West Coast, Conservation groups ask federal judge to halt salmon plan …, Local, regional conservation leaders call Biden's inauguration a 'promising day' …, Off the Grid: Managing Husband Resources …, What’s killing Idaho moose? River Fishing Nets, Standup Paddle Boards, Aluminum Tables . Hard water anglers who like to fish for perch will be pleased to know Lake Cascade in Idaho has a layer of solid, clear ice over much of the lake. Friday, January 12th at 8:30p ET. Wading isn't possible everywhere. If you’re looking for steelhead, the Snake River is the best place to be during this time of year, but not a lot of anglers are participating. Get the day’s top sports headlines and breaking news delivered to your inbox by subscribing here. In the Clearwater region, Winchester Lake (trout and spiny ray), Spring Valley Reservoir (trout), and Elk Creek Reservoir (trout) will have good ice fishing later. He also gave basic safety for floating down the river and then assumed the oars and we began the adventure downstream. This can make choosing which lake to fish a little bit of a challenge. The Spokane River runs from North Idaho through the city of Spokane in the Inland Pacific Northwest. The trout spey and streamer swinging has … Fishing Rules. You’ll need a boat or raft to most effectively fish sections of the river, as the river is big and bank access can be fairly limited in the productive stretches. Try some different finishes for trout, as sometimes darker or tarnished colors on the blades and bodies will do the trick. Best window in the afternoon, but the not a bad place to spend of couple hours if you have to stay closer to home! Power Bait (orange) has been a consistent fish-getter. Much of the river is too deep to wade. Hot summer temperatures don’t put a damper on the fishing, but instead encourage stoneflies and grasshoppers to emerge and provide feeding opportunities for the fish. I was sure the birds would be reluctant to run under such conditions, but evidently the cock birds didn’t get the memo. Most Coeur d’Alene chinook anglers are catching fish in the 2- to 8-pound size range by trolling flashers and Mini Squid 100-150 feet down. It looks as if ice fishing is still a way off. Reports indicate the crappie fishing at Blue has been fair. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to tie on a streamer. Fall on the Spokane can also be good, as fish go into a feeding frenzy as they prepare for winter. This means that adult kokanee should be more abundant in coming years, resulting in a return to more typical sized kokanee for anglers, which is usually 9-11 inches. It is a diverse fishery with several options available to the freshwater river angler. Fly fishing Silver Bow Fly Shop said the Spokane River is and will be your best winter option other than Rocky Ford Creek. Its a big river here, so they are just looking for small holes and back eddies where fish may be holding out of the main flow. One reason for the Spokane’s relative emptiness is its location – sandwiched in between the popular Yakima River and Northern Idaho, a region filled with productive rivers, the Spokane often gets overlooked. Spokane (Long) Fishing Reports. Related: Fly Fishing the Colorado River. Spokane is blessed with 76 regional lakes, and all of them harbor some combination of game fish. A section of the Spokane River in Kootenai County, Idaho. Red and brown color patterns can mimic forage such as insects or crayfish, and red and silver colors may also provoke strikes from trout protecting their territory from other trout. You can hardly go wrong with a knife or ammunition, which, incidentally has been in very short supply this winter. sarah marsura. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto grubs with a jig head, small trout rattletrap, or a double worm drop shot rig with bass attractant. Its a warm June day and Ladin and Steve are fly fishing on the Spokane River in Washington State searching for Rainbow Trout. Today was absolutely fantastic, we caught five limit of rainbows in less then 1 hour. Lake Spokane (Long Lake ) This Spokane River reservoir was created due to the construction of Long Lake Dam. Unless you’re going up high around Sandpoint, these lakes will be some of the first to get safe ice. You can be surprised at what they are willing to chase down.”. Fly fishing on the Spokane River, particularly the best trout water around Spokane, is classic and traditional when it comes to techniques and fly patterns. You’ll find resources to help your search linked at the bottom of this article. ... Spokane River. Fishing has slowed somewhat, but midges, scuds and streamers are still getting it done. WDFW fishing and stocking reportsWDFW fishing regulationsNational Weather Service forecasts. Ladin gets into a nice Rainbow but it throws the hook as it jumps back into the main current. The following daily bag limits apply to all waters within each region except as modified in the Special Rules. The state has issued guidelines recommending no fish consumption for the free-flowing river sections around Spokane. The proposals are available at idfg.idaho.gov/MSG. American Fly Mag - Spokane River. Jake maneuvered the float boat into the river. The Clearwater fishery has slowed down and the Grande Ronde has a lot of ice. Some big kokanee were caught off planer boards this week in the vicinity of Hansen Harbor on Lake Roosevelt. The rainbows average about ten to twelve inches and the browns are less common and only slightly larger on the average. Getting started on the Spokane River Fly Fishing adventure. The Spokane is typically open for fishing from late May through mid-March, but the summer is, by far, the most popular season on the river. Give the gift of outdoor adventure this season to that special Idaho or Washington hunter or angler in your life by getting them a license, Discover Pass or a gift certificate. I’ve had my best burbot luck on Roosevelt in early February. Early summer, from June through mid-July, is often the most productive time of year on the river. There are multiple spots to put in within the city limits of Spokane, and the float is generally a pretty easy one. There are plenty of other waters around Spokane where the trout are safe to eat, if catching dinner is your goal. The Spokane River below Nine Mile Dam is largely impacted by reservoirs, especially Long Lake and the Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt on the Columbia River. Most days, you’ll find the Spokane River nearly devoid of anglers. If you’re fishing Idaho this winter, don’t forget to buy your 2021 fishing license by Jan. 1. Good fishing is available from shore and docks for fish running mostly 12-14 inches. Study up on our local fishing regulations, a lot of water around here has weird seasons and the WDFW loves writing tickets. In many cases, infestations of ticks and other parasites …, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich files complaint against Washington State over rejection of training proposal, 'A historic and deeply qualified choice': Biden selects transgender doctor Rachel Levine as assistant health secretary, Washington regions fail to meet COVID metrics, high school sports still in limbo; Idaho increases spectator limits, Spokane Arena mass vaccination site set to open Wednesday. Trout City Out on newsstands now is the latest American Fly Fishing Magazine publication featuring our very own Spokane River. Page 1 of 19. 5 pound smallie on 20lb braid, shimano curado reel, great place. A friend fishing for perch and crappie this week on Long Lake complained that he couldn’t keep the trout off long enough to catch the spiny ray. For the most part, though, you’ll be catching rainbows between 12 and 15 inches, and they have plenty of fighting spirit. The Little Spokane also has a winter fishery for whitefish only, with the state’s typical whitefish rules in effect during December, January and February. Don’t miss Northwest fishing news! A productive fishery for rainbow trout, the Spokane River near the city is an excellent spot for fly anglers looking to escape the crowds. 2; Details; Jan 24, 2017 sarah marsura 0. fort spokane, we were right under the bridge Hidden in plain sight, perhaps. Hot summer temperatures don’t put a damper on the fishing, but instead encourage stoneflies and grasshoppers to emerge and provide feeding opportunities for the fish. The Spokane River supports wild rainbow trout from the Idaho border to Nine Mile Falls Dam. Those from Roosevelt, Banks and Rufus Woods indicated the fishing was slow … and cold. Spokane River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. The average size of males was 15.4 inches and females averaged 14.8 inches. Fishing pros and novices alike are drawn to the tranquil waters of the Spokane area to cast for trout, bass, whitefish and more all year round. It truly is a hidden gem. This tributary comes down from the north side and joins the mainstem Spokane River west of the city. Jan 22, 2017 - Spokane River. Anglers there still have an excellent chance of catching some big perch, but the number of “jumbos” will be less for a few years as younger fish are numerous and will take several years to reach the size anglers have come to expect from Cascade. Washington licenses are good until the end of March. We started fishing at 8:00 am and had our first fish on in seconds and it never slowed down, as fast as we could ... Trout fishing on Long Lake is absolutely fabulous, there’s no pressure and the fish are very eager to bite. Whether you enjoy mountain biking trails, fly-fishing, walking your dog on the Centennial Trail, or riding to work across Riverfront Park, the power behind our presence is the Spokane River. Prince nymphs and caddis pupa patterns also do quite well. This great article written by local contributor. Fun, relaxing, and solitude are words you won’t forget when visiting. A strike indicator set deep and some tungsten beadhead flies are usually all it takes to entice some of the bigger rainbows in the river, and they can grow big – fish over 20 inches are present. The river also flows through Idaho and is most popular with residents of Spokane and Coeur D’Alene, a neighboring city in Idaho. 1 week Streamer Thoughts - Part Two When to Fish the Spokane River The Spokane is typically open for fishing from late May through mid-March, but the summer is, by far, the most popular season on the river. If you’d rather build a fire and fish from shore, there have been excellent days reported from most of the major launches from Fort Spokane to the dam. Fly Fishing the Spokane River with Silver Bow Fly ShopExperience the Spokane River with Silver Bow Fly Shop. Silver Bow Fly Shop said the Spokane River is and will be your best winter option other than Rocky Ford Creek. The Panhandle open house will be held Monday starting at 6 p.m. A friend and I finally got what we had been hoping for last Friday – 4 inches of new snow in the Palouse pheasant country. Caution to ice anglers, water level fluctuations can create … All Waters Open All Year. Jan 14, 2021 | Fishing Report. Still looking for that perfect gift? Proposals for the 2021-22 Idaho season for moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats have been posted and you can submit your comments to these online through Dec. 30. Put a heater in your boat and head for Lake Roosevelt for some excellent winter trout fishing. Rivers like the Spokane, Yakima, Pend Oreille and Columbia in Washington and the Coeur d’Alene and Pend Oreille in Idaho have some great brown trout fishing, … The harsh winter temperatures of Eastern Washington can severely impact the fishing, and the weather conditions are frequently miserable. BBB Rating: … On Rocky Ford, expect a lot of competition. Take the Spokane River, its closed in its entirety from the Idaho state line all of the way to 9 mile from March 15 to the Saturday of Memorial day … Though they’re not seen often, brown trout are considered to be the holy grail on the Spokane River. If you’re wanting to fish the Spokane in the winter, though, you can be pretty sure that you won’t have much company – a great option for solitude if that’s what you’re looking for. Other places to consider if ice conditions allow are Spirit, Avondale, Hauser and Hayden lakes. Thomas has trout and perch and the perch fishing has been good. The fall fishing on the Spokane can be very consistent and if the winter weather is mild the river will fish through mid March. It’s a decent trout stream that offers some opportunity to take home a few rainbow trout on flies or light tackle from Memorial Day weekend through Halloween. In the Idaho Panhandle, Round Lake and Blue Lake have about 3 inches of ice each with Blue Lake ice getting thicker to the south. Fishing for whitefish has been decent on the North Fork Coeur d’Alene. The biggest fish was almost 2 feet long. This makes access and accommodations easy, as the most productive trout stretch is also the most urban – most fly fishermen choose to fish the river in the downtown stretch below Spokane Falls. It has made the fishing a little inconsistent at times, but that is also typical of the Spokane. Two-Rivers Resort lies at the confluence of the Spokane and Columbia river and is the secluded getaway you’ve been waiting for. View fishing reports for the 12 lakes, reservoirs and streams near Spokane (Washington) complete with Spokane bait shops, Spokane tackle shops, fishing charters and fishing guides, and inside information on fishing … Host Jill Wagner travels the country on a quest to find talented craftsmen who still make incredible items by hand. If you’re familiar with fishing rivers like the Deschutes and the Yakima, the tactics aren’t much different on the Spokane. Walleye reports were few this week. Had been fishing pretty well before the big storm. Fishing Charters & Parties Fishing Tackle Clothing Stores. In fact, both the Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt and Long Lake are among Washington’s top walleye fishing spots. If you’re heading to the river from Seattle, the Spokane River is nearly a 300-mile drive, and from Portland, it’s about 350. The Spokane is, however, one of Washington’s hidden gems. The best deep water boat ramp for winter launching is the IDPR ramp at Higgins Point. “Like” us on Facebook. Also, the only fish you can keep upriver from the dam would be a couple of hatchery-marked trout, and without stocking on the state’s schedule (at last check), most trout here are wild.