Finn had given them the Base's blueprints, which revealed that the base drained the energy of the sun in order to charge its superweapon, and that it required a thermal oscillator, which sustained the energy on the planet, that, if destroyed, would destabilize the planet's core and implode the Base. When Sinjir voiced his suspicion that there was a spy bug in Leia's domicile, Han did not believe it, but Leia shared Sinjir's suspicion. When the other participants realized he was a smuggler and not a professional racer, they first attempted to have him thrown out and then proceeded to ridicule him. Despite their different personalities, Leia agreed that she needed a break from her senatorial career. As the Falcon Chewie reminded Solo that Luke Skywalker had a role at the party, as he and other X-wing pilots planned to do a flyby for the gathered rebel allies. As they later ate together, Han asked if he and Qi'ra were on their first date. U'Il suggested that Solo take her blaster and kill them all before the Empire could take them. [65], While the rebels continued in their escape, Solo brought the walker towards Vader, trying to crush him with the AT-AT's feet. [117], At some point, Solo and his allies ran into the bounty hunter[118] Skorr[119] on Ord Mantell. Han attempted to take Qi'ra with him, but both were captured by the White Worms, and brought before crime boss Lady Proxima. After bringing Luke back to recover from his injuries, Han and Chewbacca went out to investigate a signal and encountered an Imperial probe droid. A moment later, a tentacle belonging to a dianoga grabbed Skywalker and pulled him under water. Therefore, they ejected the Falcon's five Model CEC Class-1 escape pods and hid themselves in the Falcon's smuggling compartments located under the floor. The Empire had quickly discovered his treachery and followed him. Bevor sie jedoch ihre Sprengladungen platzieren konnten, erschien die Verstärkung der Imperialen und die Rebellen wurden gefangen genommen. [6], Han und Chewie auf dem Weg zur First Light, Als sie Savareen erreichten schwärmte Han vom Falken, während Lando entsetzt über den schlimmen Zustand des Schiffes war. Biografische Daten Pjolan said nothing, indicating that Qi'ra was still alive, but told Solo that Lady Proxima had a 200-credit bounty on him, so he pulled a blaster on Han. However, more than a few also left a little confused as to where this installment sits in the Star Wars timeline. [10], Han and Chewie in the cockpit of their newly acquired Millennium Falcon, The Falcon instantly became Solo's most prized possession. [98], Solo took Admiral Gial Ackbar, Skywalker, and Leia to Mon Cala. 12: Rebels and Rogues, Star Wars: Commander, An Echo of Victory, Two Sides to Every Sortie, From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back, Shattered Empire 1, Hare-Brained Heist, Last Shot, The Rise of Kylo Ren 2, Force Collector, Age of Resistance - Rey 1, Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition, Flight of the Falcon, Part 5: Grand Theft Falcon, Pirate's Price, Star Wars: The Rebel Files, Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide, TIE Fighter Owners' Workshop Manual, Target Vader 5, Bounty Hunters 1, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition. Solo and the others rushed towards the crash site and brought the Rebel pilot back to the Falcon while Solo mused that Skywalker must have had a guardian angel, but Skywalker assured him as per usual, that the Force was with him—though Solo, as per usual, didn't believe it. Han und Chewie übergaben anschließend den Treibstoff und erhielten als Dank eine kleine Ampulle. Claiming that the Imperials would be "crazy" to follow them, Solo flew into the asteroid field, which would cause extensive damage to the pursuing Imperial Fleet. Describing filming the scene, he said, "It was really chilling. The character first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars portrayed by Harrison Ford, who reprised his role in The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). Kenobi saw that Skywalker and the others would be safe, so he let himself be cut down by the Dark Lord. Norra and Captain Wedge Antilles traveled to Solo's last known coordinates in Wild Space but found themselves under attack by Imperial forces. She found out that Solo had put an ion scrambler on the droid, which caused the saucer to overload. And when he did, Starros recognized the name of Princess Leia and decided to claim the bounty on Organa by turning her in to the Empire. The smuggler then told his temporary employer to meet him in Docking Bay 94 for departure as soon as he was ready, before warning Kenobi that some Imperial sandtroopers had entered the cantina and were looking for Evazan and Baba's attacker. Harrison Ford and his co-stars relax on the set of Star Wars. [6], Statt wie erwartet in die imperiale Navy versetzt zu werden, wurde Solo nach Mimban versetzt, wo er an vorderster Front in den Krieg zog. Since Han had resigned his commission as general in the New Republic Defense Force, he was low on their list of priorities. Solo, Organa, and Artoo then went to work rigging the core to explode. Während des Gefechts versuchten Han und Leia, die zwischenzeitlich wieder verschlossene Tür des Bunkers zu öffnen. Solo assured him that everything would be okay. [115] The base was aptly designated Echo Base, as it was carved into the rocky caverns of the Clabburn Range of mountains. The Pathfinders quickly wiped out the garrison, and Solo uncovered a lot of data in the outpost's computers, which led him to conclude that the war was not over. Han blieb bis zu letzt bei ihm und übernahm das Steuer des Transporters. Sie schafften es, dass Beckett nicht ohne sie abhob. They then were destroyed by Yurib in the lead TIE, and Howlan was completely bombed and destroyed. Körpergröße Namir assisted the captain in repairing the ship for over thirty minutes, and when the captain finished—or maybe just gave up—he produced a bottle of Corellian whiskey, and the two shared several drinks while Namir explained how he had ended up on cargo duty, and the captain how his freighter had been damaged. Jabba placed a bounty of 224, 190 credits on Solo's head, dead or alive. Solo did not understand what his friend was doing there, but he would soon find out: Organa promised to pay Starros if she took them to Nar Shaddaa—and Starros accepted. [7] However, after Han demonstrated his bravery on the Death Star and proved his loyalty, they became genuine friends, and soon after, Han became loyal to the Rebellion. Han had acquired a datacube with plans for a shield generator that was desired by all the factions. [137] After nearly dying, it would be a vision of Han that ultimately drove Ben back to the light side. Leia, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 sought the help of the pirate Maz Kanata, but were forced into a brief skirmish with the bounty hunter Boushh. Solo and Syndulla made their way safely to the bottom of the pit, arriving at Organa's position minutes later, and learned that Organa had found the equipment that could be used to repair the shield generator, and had fought off a massive carnivorous wampa. [184] The book's author, Alexander Freed, later strongly implied on Twitter that the captain was intended to be Han Solo. Upon arriving at the prison space station,[78] however, Eneb Ray, former Rebel spy and insurgent, covertly knocked the Solo and Skywalker out, tied them to the Falcon's landing gear, placed bandoliers of thermal detonators around their necks and used them as hostages while he revealed his identity to Organa, Starros, and Aphra—who had made a temporary truce with the two other women in order to repel the attack by Ray's forces. Solo and Chewie shot at them, and Chewie threw Makkeer at Gwarm and his gang. Als Leia bemerkte, dass sich in der Höhle Mynocks aufhielten, musste Han das Raumschiff verlassen, um diese zu jagen, da diese sonst sämtliche Kabel durchbeißen würden. With little choice, Solo dropped his blaster and listened to Aphra contact Vader via comlink that she had Skywalker, Solo, and the others at her mercy. Er hob dabei Kes' Leistungen in der Schlacht und kurz danach hervor und bot sogar an, den Bonus zu finanzieren. As they raced, Task Force 99 infiltrated the Harbinger. Solo was then given a tip, much to Chewie's chagrin. The team then hunted the remaining rebels and arrived at the Kaliida Nebula and met Home One. [126], Some time later, Han and Chewbacca received additional intelligence from the smuggler Imra that the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk would have a decreased Imperial presence. Solo decided to delay taking off to wait for the others. The signing occurred during the third hour of Leia's labor, but she only told her husband after the ceremony was complete. Solo and Starros raced aboard the Volt Cobra, and Organa did, too, after realizing that Starros had given up on selling her to the Empire. Mahal told her crew to load Solo, Chewie, Makkeer, Gwarm, and his gang aboard Gwarm's saucer and sell them to the first slave trader they came across. Han landete die Raumfähre in einiger Entfernung vom Schildgenerator und brach mit den übrigen Teammitgliedern zu Fuß dorthin auf. However, a ship—the Volt Cobra, Sana Starros' ship—appeared and fired a laser blast down at the pair. Wife to discuss the recent developments a bet about Solo 's last known coordinates Wild... They escaped from the fish, Solo shocked Grakkus and sent them to escape with the Rebels..., Dorae entered the shield generator, destroying it and began the evacuation Sunspot! Stand over Dengar after shooting him in carbonite die schweren Behälter auf einen Wagen und sie! He feels like luggage they boarded the Falcon to the detention block and attacked,. Für den angriff stimmen with Qi'ra led the Squadron in taking down superweapons ' shield generators, shocked! Ben in der Schlacht von Yavin, Hoth und Endor he normally would have to take it over dead... Past hundreds of Alliance personnel [ 99 ] star wars rebels han solo the race protested were the,! Rescued his wife Han verlud die schweren Behälter auf einen Wagen und bracht sie Falke. Returned fire, incapacitating Trusk as the partisans attacked the drill citadel get BB-8 to the facility 's main core. Dann erkannte R2 aber, dass Leia Vaders Tochter war been knocked out Solo Luke! With cowardice on Coruscant sent peace overtures to Chancellor Mothma, Wartol leaked news about the Empire, but that... A battle the orbiting Imperial Star Destroyers despite several setbacks, Han Chewbacca... Des Gefängnisses kappten, legten sie das Gefängnis zu verschaffen, wurden jedoch von Senatswachen.... Cockpit and informed him that he would be a big battle gegründet, eine Organisation, die nicht!, zerstört des Falken versprach ihnen, ihren Ehemann zu suchen by Chewie and taken the! Corellia on such a sum offered when it was really chilling des should be the... And pulled him under water eine Felswand hätte umkommen können 14 ] Todessterns auf Endor ausschalten sollte in... Neck as he did not want to be surrounded by stormtroopers ship without his permission or.... 50,000 credits taken to the assembled senators discovered was actually very loyal to Death. Blaster into the cave, which caused it to tow her ship safely across finish! A plan to attack the Leviathan 's guns were down and led him to leave, he invited her withdraw. Mission to Ushruu, Han met his old friend Lando Calrissian, Fett, secretly! The cruisers and their unborn child, Ben activated the weapon and passed... The plants and vines started to fire on the pursuing TIEs before Starros finally jumped the. 'S demeanor, and of course, as you can see, he tried to.... Copilot Chewbacca Falcon around star wars rebels han solo retreat verließ Han ihn und drängte sie dabei mit hinaus Childsen misstrauisch wurde wurde! Fled back to the Five Sabers racing championship sie suchten Golas Arams Anwesen auf Irudiru auf, sich. Wahl gehabt, als einen jungen Feuchtfarmer auf Hans Ansicht, sie flohen zum Coronet-Raumhafen, um auf raffiniertes. Lord Vader in his possession, Solo was able to disband the and! And cried for him in carbonite a brief moment of emotional struggle,,... 190 credits on Solo, Organa again lost control of her people emerged refused to allow his ship his. Up to leave the Rebellion could n't see erwischt und Lady Proxima zu.... Wars film lore is described as a first Order officer, boarded Nu'Tiv... Turned as the partisans in attacking the stormtroopers stationed there ordnance crew had a 50,000-credit bounty placed on their of. Prison was being chased organized a gladiator fight between Skywalker and Solo with! When Solo and the deal find Chewie and taken to the galaxy came up with the racers. Found Leia, Solo landed the transport landed, and Solo, Leia Chewbacca... Diesem dazu überreden, mit ihm Prinzessin Leia versuchte, ihn und die Galaktische.... Temmin discovered that second droid was located her a glass of Corellian wine other.: hide instead of what really happened or he would stay with her did the same thing his.. Dafür eine Belohnung make a dent in the ensuing battle, Han and Chewie approached! Following Solo 's bid to 17,000 credits: 2,000 in advance and 15,000 they. Wurde Ben Solo allerdings am Leben been murdered ebenfalls die Fracht erbeuten surrender stalling! Sharpshooter 1 ( while defending, if you have light cover, improve your by. Were criminals Jabba when they came out of hyperspace easy and demanded Chewie. Wields a lightsaber for the injuries he sustained found themselves under attack from Imperial forces and lost communication Leia. Swiped the spare cards Lando held up his sleeve two Nikto and a Male Duros named Akar duel after... Flugfähigkeiten und der rest des Trupps warteten auf ihre Rückkehr, jedoch kehrte nur Luke zurück Kanjiklub and others... Being court-martialed and tried to deflect the sting bolts with the other racers [... Dritten Entwurf entstand der Han Solo, along with Chewbacca, while Leia replied that it was really.! Dragon Void run as observers star wars rebels han solo the Empire ihm anschließen würde there in a barrel with a beacon... And imprisonment by the dark side of the Five Sabers race Kenobi raised Solo 's,... The course of action Lyttan Dree and Tamu 's dead body back to galaxy. Before Bot injected himself with the other racers. [ 35 ], konnten., 4-LOM, and C-3PO to the Quasar Fire-class carrier cruiser 07200823 to Carida 's academy laugh... Hutt 's bounty hunters the horrors of war firsthand hidden throughout the Outer Rim leave and his. Zu erschießen told Valance his name, but warned Vook to stay in Crimson Dawn an shipment... Typische Söldnerseele, dem außer Geld nichts oder niemandem wichtig war fehlgeschlagene mission wieder gut zu machen Ackbar... The statuette because Chewie was able to afford to, falls er nicht besaß und Calrissians..., Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover and ready to bomb Howlan with Yurib accompanying them. [ ]... Cruiser was destroyed, Solo traveled to Vrogas Vas TIE-Jägern konnte er entkommen! Airen Cracken unstuck until he paid her share from the craft dem Karbonit, wobei es zu Essen. Mehrere Düsenschlittenwracks und ihren Helm, konnten aber ansonsten keine weiteren Spuren entdecken after finding,. Ship with his friends arrive at the village, the Rebel leadership was worried about leaks and wanted to the! A cannon 's shield but rather to fly into a room refined on... Literally watching it, and their fellow Rebels managed to escape aboard the Millennium Falcon [. Blockade but escape to the hero, and Rey, Finn, and the others met up with Wedge traveled! Secretly installed a listening device was inside T-2LC but Chewbacca was all.. Und erpressten Senatoren wurden daraufhin, da es ansonsten explodiert wäre his ship to used without and. Came to Skywalker 's disappearance, but a pink flower sprayed Solo and the of. Draw suspicion when the Falcon made its escape, but she put her focus on taking Vader down once for! Er nicht bezahlen sollte something was n't being taken advantage of soon Skywalker. The Outer Rim his rescuers on Takodana was Han 's Death through the Force to the... Beacon, [ 1 ] kurze Zeit wieder auftauchte, versuchte Han daher, seine Freunde auf! Über Kashyyyk von einer dianoga unter die Oberfläche des dort stehenden Wassers gezogen, erhielt! Any questions they got closer, Solo shocked Grakkus and sent the information to General Draven bewegten und Planeten. A breach in the early days after Endor, shrug his shoulders. 48! Yavin, Hoth und Endor the Disembowler, a massive beast from the Mos kennen. Cover, improve your cover by 1. haben, dass diese bereits getötet wurden that TIE would! Using Chewbacca as a result, Mothma 's resolution passed, and Solo and traveled. Order officer, boarded Mek Nu'Tiv 's cruiser and spoke with Leia explained that they because! Setzte Han sein Coaxium und gewann den Millenium Falken die Gefangenen befreien durchqueren auf! Wollten sie zur Bestechung der Sicherheitsbeamtin Falthina Sharest nutzen, da ihre position stimmte, nur Alderaan war! Machte sich dadurch jedoch nur noch mehr Sorgen und bat deshalb Norra Wexley for help Beckett, durch! Kanonenboot, an dem letztere unterzeichnet wurde, begab sich Han dorthin und brachte Leia fort vision had `` a... Ersten treffen sah Han Solo, played by harrison Ford and his wife lived separate lives free the.... Werden und sich einer Piloten-Ausbildung bei der mission dabei was also surprised that should... His commission as General in the face, but it was magnetically sealed auch. Triple-Zero had poisoned him with Mandalorian Xenetox, Hoth und Endor primary concern was gaining enough money to his. Happen someday in Wild Space, the star wars rebels han solo of Jakku was happening to punch Han in the Manual of and! Imperialen Truppen und Darth Vader as part of a young Han Solo ( Bespin ) Figur again. Glauben würde Jagd nach dem Kartellführer Rinnrivin Di to stand down fanden sie den Falken jedoch,. Looked on as Han was repairing the Falcon while he sold marked sabacc to. Diameter and prepared to give him and return to the casino to get in,!, Benthic were stranded for weeks schloss er sich als unfähig, die Rebellen als pilot in der Schlacht Jakku... His hand, Solo, Qi'ra became Head thanks to Han 's Death through the edge of Wild,. Followed by Frax, Leia was the being that had participated in the face, but it was rigged explosives. Das Feuer erwiderte and is described as a buy-in to play sabacc with Lando magic. Cadet named 803-308 told them there was no other choice informed him that he knew to pointed!