Homeschoolers are a big part of your world!

Why should you care about advertising to homeschoolers? Do you know how many homeschoolers there are in the United States? The number can’t be nailed down because of reporting laws differ from state to state. The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) estimates that as of spring 2016 there were about 2.3 million home educated students in the US. With a 2%-8% year over year growth rate.

Do the math…

Let’s split the difference and calculate a 5% growth rate. That gives us an increase of 230,000 homeschoolers since those numbers were calculated in 2016. As of 2018, this brings us up to a conservative estimate of approximately 2,530,000 homeschoolers in the US!

We are customers, just waiting to hear what you have to offer!

The answer to this story problem is that homeschooling everywhere is on the rise! Parents are ditching the traditional school system in favor of a customized education for their kids. Homeschooling is increasing rapidly across the globe. Consequently, people of all races, ages, economic levels, religious, and non religious mindsets are switching to homeschooling.

We are a largely untapped demographic for advertising, therefore it will help you grow your business to get your info in front of us.

We make great customers!

The homeschool community is a great group of people to do business with, because are highly invested in our families. Most importantly, we have more needs than traditional schooling families have! Customizing our kids’ education brings more needs than that of your average family. Don’t forget that some of us have a lot of kids, thus we have a bigger need for everything, therefore advertising to homeschoolers will increase your profitability.

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Whether you are a private teacher or tutor, business owner, used book seller, an MLM business owner, a small curriculum publisher, or a homeschool convention or conference organizer, we are offering you a great rate for you to start advertising to homeschoolers. We want your products and services in our Business Directory! We even have a place for our youth entrepreneurs to encourage and support the next generation of business owners.

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If you agree to give My Homeschool Members a minimum 15% discount on your products and services, we will in turn, extend a discount to you on your monthly subscription. Be sure to select the Subscription Level that reflects your discount. 

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