Password: View Poll Results: Which villain would come out on top? Voldemort does it and gets chopped in half by Sidious’s lightsaber. Wiz: This Force Lighting was so powerful, it broke Yoda's Tutaminis, which at the time was unrivalled in it's ability to absorb and repel Force Lighting, as Yoda was able to repel Count Dooku's Force Lighting with ease. The one who tries to hide his face, perhaps because he's a little bitch. However, Sidious emerges from the rubble, Sidious instantaneously uses his Force Lightning, unprepared, Voldemort gets hit by it, the pain almost unbearable, however, Voldemort musters enough strength to cast another protective shield, Sidious refuses to allow Voldemort to escape and amplifies his Force Lightning once more, breaking his protective shield, however, Voldemort isn't on the other side, with a flick of his wand, Sidious is pulled onto the rocky cliff next to the lake of lava, Sidious finds Voldemort there waiting for him. Canon versions only (i.e. Wiz: Not too long ago, in Great Britain, there lived a young man named Tom Riddle, born to a witch and a non-magical muggle father, poor Tom would be orphaned at a young age, before turning 11 years old, Tom was noted for his immense talent for magic. Suddenly, black shadows start emerging around the platform, one shadow then lands on top the platform on the opposing side to Sidious, and from the darkness emerges Lord Voldemort, with Elder Wand held in between his fingers, he bows to Sidious, Sidious doesn't respond, and looks at Voldemort. But it was a bad move. Wiz: It's true, unlike most wizards and witches who require the wand in their hand in order to perform magic, Voldemort's magical ability is so great he can do so without a wand, while it wasn't the best magic he could use, he was still able to do this, his magical knowledge would simply improve when he was in Hogwarts, he also managed to create his own unique curses, his own potions, and even learning complicated magic only suited for seasoned Wizards and Witches, by the time of his graduation, his power increased, Tenfold! If curses cannot be deflected by the force, Voldy has a chance but Sidious has to end this quickly. Let the … He acquired considerable knowledge in the field of midi-chlorianmanipulation, but was ultimately betrayed and murderedby his own apprentice, in accordance with the "Rule of Two." That's unless they are similar to RMWW (Rational Man with Wand). 6 years ago. Archived. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. And if Harry can dodge a killing curse, so can Sidious. 4 comments. Sidious' Lightning starts overwhelming Voldemort's own lightning spell, Voldemort sees this coming and applies more power to his spell, however Sidious' Lightning proves too strong, Voldemort then puts up a protective shield around him, the Lightning is cast aside. books and movies for Voldemort, unless his movie feats directly contradict his book feats. Not even a moment later, Sidious' Imperial Shuttle is destroyed, killing the Imperial Guards surrounding them, Sidious is able to evade the explosion, though only barely, suddenly the Shuttle then falls off the platform, dropping into the molten lava beneath. He lives for it, whereas Voldy just hated Muggles and any who stood in his way of their genocide. Scene cuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Harry Potter characters are pretty much complete glass cannons. Snape managed to invent Sectumsempra while he was still at Hogwarts, who knows what Voldy could have come up with. Voldemort cackled and tormented Vader with the Cruciatus Curse. Sidious in the movies did (iirc) actual fighting apart from using Force Lightning, and also seemed as mobile as the average old guy. lichterspiele...zur Frage. Likewise, Palpatine gets his feats from the re-organization of Star Wars canon after 4/25/2014, meaning the Expanded Universe is no longer … Neither Sidious nor Voldemort attack, instead, Sidious remains standing neutrally, however, with a flick of his wand, Suddenly, A lightsaber appears from Sidious' chest, it's Darth Vader! Darth Sidious, a.k.a. A moment later he sensed that the padawan he was so eager to kill had escaped from her cell. Wiz: But only few have ever been able to match the sheer power and cunning of Lord Voldemort, and no one will ever be able to forget the legacy he left on Hogwarts and the Wizarding World itself. Calmly, Sidious … 9/10 Sidious and that's being generous. quanchi112. These two are one of the most infamous dark lords in fictional history. Boomstick: Then one day he set his sights on the Potter family, successfully killing James Potter and then Lily Potter, however, Lily sacrificed herself to shield their only son from The Killing Curse, which rebounded and destroyed Voldemort's body in the process. Rising to power in the Galactic Senate as the senator of Naboo, the manipulative Sith Lord cultivated two identities, Sidious and Palpatine, using both to further his political career. He … People tend to be limiting his spell book to Avada Kedavra. The Emperor, is a horrendously powerful tyrant from the Star Wars Saga. Und warum? Wiz: But he didn't become the Dark Lord of the Sith by just sitting on a throne letting his apprentices do the work for him, don't think because he's 80 years old that he can't even move, his ability to augment his body through use of The Force lets him outmatch and surpass foes who are half his age. Mar 27, 2011 #2 Mental attacks aren't going to work against Voldemort… While based purely on canon spells, Sidious seems to be very strong, it should be remembered that after Tom Riddle left Hoggy he went out on tour and learned all sorts of dark magics before returning and beginning his Dark Lord Comedy Tour. R2: the good guys know about the Dark … Darth Sidious Vs Lord Voldemort? Sideous is no less Human than Voldemort is, if anything Voldemort is more resilient due to his Horcruxes. These two both seem as evil as they come in movies so I think this is a good comparison to make here. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Darth Vader 4 Lord Voldemort 5 Fatal Fiction 6 Results 7 Advantages 7.1 Darth Vader (Winner) 8 Polls Terrifying, dark and villainous, these two dictators are ready to battle to the death. "You have great wisdom, Anakin. 46 Favourites. Wiz: You also may feel that because Sidious is absurdly old that he couldn't avoid the Avada Kedavra, but this is simply not true, as we mentioned before, Sidious can augment his speed and other abilities through use of the Force, and since those who are unable to augment their speed can avoid the Killing Curse, Sidious is no exception. This is vastly underestimating Voldy's abilities. Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort. I haven't read too much EU stuff so I don't really know what else Sidious can do, but I'd bet Voldy would have some spell to counter. Voldemort then lands on the remains of the platform, what's left of it at least, Sidious is no where to be seen, he laughs once more. Lord Voldemort vs Darth Sidious Thread starter Bart; Start date May 17, 2014; Lord Voldemort vs. Darth SSidious Lord Voldemort Votes: 3 9.4% Darth Sidious … I know sidious has precog but there must be chance that instantaneous transmission is fast enough to beat him despite precog. If anything, the curse and the pain fed him. hallo c: Frage ist denke ich verständlich genug gestellt. You can use book feats for the other characters. 6 Conclusion 7 Trivia Star Wars VS … He is the one responsible for the near-extinction of the Jedi, the cause of the Clone Warsand the creation of the Galactic Empire. This topic is focused on their personalities + achievements rather than their power + abilities (which leads to endless conclusions), so when you make your decision, please don't base your answer on who could breath out a flaming serpent or who could shoot a Pink Floyd light-show out of their fingers. Once Sidious figures out Voldemort is weak minded, he just walks up to Voldemort and tells him to drop his wand. Darth Sidious, a.k.a. Don't forget, Voldemort has Horcruxes, and even if he is killed he can just resurrect himself. DARTH SIDIOUS VS. LORD VOLDEMORT BEGIN! Now I don't see Sidious' longer reaching influence as proof of being more evil he just covered more territory. Likewise, Palpatine gets his feats from the re-organization of Star Wars canon after 4/25/2014, meaning the Expanded Universe is no longer canon). Boomstick: By comparison, when Voldemort duelled three Wizards and Witches, he didn't defeat them all, and Sidious killed three Jedi Masters with ease and matched up evenly with the last, looks like Voldemort just got a little a-HEAD of himself. Wiz: He did this by utilising the sheer overpowering attacks of Form VII: Juyo, Form II: Makashi's precision and Form IV: Ataru's agility, but it's also as likely he's a master of Form VI: Niman, which used all forms of Lightsaber Combat, this use of Niman would be especially useful for his dual wielding encounters. It's the Season 2 Finale. Boomstick: Yeah, With Sidious' clone… Wiz: Paplatine was just any other boy until he became acquainted with the Dark Side at a young age, this happened when he started collecting rare Sith artefacts, however, despite his actions, he never believed himself as evil. ChosenOne54. This isn't a versus battle this is a comparison on who is more evil and without any redeeming qualities. 6 Darth Sidious - Voldemort. Anyway, I personally think Sidious would win. Voldemort: … The star wars side … Now if curses can be deflected, Tom Riddle will be Tom Riddled with all sorts of objects. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Boomstick: From that moment on Sidious started instigating important events to come for the next 20 years, including the Clone Wars, The Great Jedi Purge and The Rise of the Galactic Empire. He could also cast a Fidelius Charm on the 3 square feet of Earth surrounding himself so Sideous can't find him (this would work regardless of the force). Even the movie version moved fast enough to kill 3 Jedi Masters before they had any idea what was happening. Boomstick: But it wasn't always this way, Palpatine was born on the planet of Naboo, 82 years before the events of A New Hope, woah, he's older than I thought. There was a grimace on young Skywalker's face. Sidious: Your magic is no match for the powers of the Force! Likewise, Palpatine gets his feats from the re-organization of Star Wars canon after 4/25/2014, meaning the Expanded Universe is no longer … episode of Death Battle. Darth Sidious yells as he breaks the illusion, Voldemort is standing there, laughing maniacally at Sidious, Sidious is agitated as he realises it was just an illusion, Sidious puts his hands forward and casts his Force Lightning, Voldemort casts his Lighting spell, the two attacks meet in the middle. Clash of the Dark Lords! Wiz: Allow me to put this into perspective for you, only 9 people have challenged Sidious directly to a duel, of which, only 6 of them lasted more than 20 seconds, only 3 of them came out of the duel with their lives, and at the end, only one of them was actually able to defeat them. books and movies for Voldemort, unless his movie feats directly contradict his book feats. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Master Xehanort vs. Darth Sidious is a What-If Death Battle created by Venage237. Wiz: Fiendfyre, one of Voldemort's most powerful spells in his arsenal, he can summon whenever and use it to pressure his foes into either fleeing or using a powerful attack to disperse the powerful fiend, Voldemort has achieved much in his life, His accomplishments included the opening of Salazar Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets and the use of its monster to attack Muggles, attaining of immortality, a process begun upon the creation of his first Horcrux at the age of 16. Sidious: Now to get off this volcanic rock... Another Imperial Shuttle arrives and collects Sidious as the severed head of Voldemort sinks into the Molten Lava. The lightsaber is destroyed as Voldemort laughs once again, Sidious then uses another Force Choke on Voldemort, making him grab his throat, however Voldemort goes to cast Avada Kedavra once more, however, the wand is suddenly pulled from his hand, claimed by Sidious' Force Pull, Sidious holds the wand in his hand and then crushes it in two. Sort by. Suddenly, Sidious' lightsaber escapes his belt and travels to Voldemort's grasp. Battle. Darth Sidious, a.k.a. Voldemort will lead nothing because there is no prep time, and Sidious moves at virtually relativistic speeds. He can also read minds, absorb energy attacks and shoot them at his enemies, possess one's body, use the Force to fly, and a bunch of other cool shit. Ein… It basically guaranties that the opponent gets wasted. Oder doch eher Voldemort? To top it off, Voldemort mastered the ability to use his spells without word, like a true master wizard! Canon versions only (i.e. Plus he's got pre-cog so there's no hitting that with a killing curse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 100% Upvoted. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Sidious 4 Voldemort 5 DEATH BATTLE! This is vastly underestimating Voldy's abilities. Lord Voldemort vs. Darth Sidious Thread starter ChosenOne54; Start date Mar 27, 2011; 1; 2; Next. Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort. Boomstick: Only one wizard would evens stand a chance against him, and it was none other than Dumbledore himself! He who must not be named. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. Control animals with thought! The understanding that he would soon have Anakin Skywalker's old padawan executed in his presence gave him great anticipation and pleasure. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. You've already lost twice in the originals and the sequels. Posted by u/[deleted] 6 years ago. If one day their paths happened to cross, and tempers flared, in your honest opinion who do you think would prevail, and remain the ultimate dark lord? Sidious was preoccupied torturing Luke. He can teleport, transform objects and people, animate the environment, mind-rape, mind-control, stun, slow, freeze, kill, manipulate the bodies of others... What can sidious do? 10 Comments. He wanted to be good, an icon of righteousness in turbulent … If Voldemort gets killed, no reviving him. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Villain vs. He also appears in the Star Wars Legends continuity, which is no longer official canon as of the 2014 reboot. Il y a 9 années. Darth Sidious's perspective [edit | edit source] The Emperor himself sat gazing out of the Death Star's viewport in his throne room. Lv 5. Boomstick: With the Elder Wand in hand, Voldemort became an almost unstoppable force, however, The Elder Wand despite him being able to use it, was never truly in his possession, through some complicated magic, it turns out you need to defeat the previous wielder of the wand in order to gain control of it. Darth Sidious vs Voldemort. Darth sidious hat keine defensive das heißt selbst beim herholen könnte man ihn aus der entfernung noch töten. He's incredibly mobile and has more abilities than just avada kadevra. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wiz: Sidious used an ancient Sith technique to change his physical appearance between both Palpatine and Sidious, but it wasn't until his battle with Mace Windu that his own Force Lightning broke the mask and exposed his true identity. Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. Your hate has made you powerful, Now, fulfil your destiny and take your father's place at my side! Anyway, I personally think Sidious would win. Both are draped in black with ghost-like white skin and physical scarring and deformities. This thread is archived . The shield charm makes up for that. In a straight-up one-on-one fight Sidious is a terrific lightsaber duellist who could easily take down most Jedi Masters. On top of that, there is the Emperor (Darth Sidious) and Kylo Ren, both fantastic. Wiz: Tom Riddle's once handsome and dignified face devolved into the pale deformed face of Lord Voldemort, whether it was by his own means, or the magical degradation of Dark Magic, Voldemort was more Snake than man. Boomstick: There's so much stuff Sidious has done it's become hard to keep track of it all, Sidious is one of the few Sith Lords to have not one, not two, but three different apprentices under his teachings, He was able to rule from the shadows that lead to the Clone Wars, Great Jedi Purge, Rise of The Empire, Galactic Civil War and construction of TWO Death Stars! If we're talking about EU Star wars, not so much. I'm sure Voldy with the Elder Wand could also cast a damn good "Protego Maxima!". He wanted to be a true Jedi. Darth Sidious VS Voldemort. Good question. Star Wars VS Harry Potter! Best movie trilogy ever Polls Heaven. Hiro: Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort: in your honest opinion who do you think would remain the ultimate dark lord? Boomstick: Oh yeah, remind me to go apologise to that magician's family, aside from those curses, he also had extensive knowledge in charms, transfiguration, flight and more! Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort is a What-If? KMC Forums > Movies > Movie Discussion > Movie Versus Forum > Who is more evil, Voldemort or Darth Sidious ? ...zur Frage. Zumindest wenn es um den Palpatine aus " Star Wars Legends" geht, dann würde Palpatine defintiv gewinnen. Voldemort is physically quite frail as well, all it'd take is one force grip to slam him into a wall and it's over. share. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. Wiz: This brought about Sidious' double life, being both a Senator of Naboo and Sith Apprentice, but this would be all changed once Palpatine was promoted to Supereme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, with this success, he murdered his master in his sleep and claimed the title of Leader of the Sith Order for himself. Sidious: Now experience the full power of the Dark Side! 95. Suggestions and branded content hosted and created by Boomstick: Then good ol' Dumbles showed up and recruited him to Hogwarts, he would go on to prosper in the school, not only ahead of his other classmates, but as an equal with some of his own professors, if being put in Slytherin wasn't any indication, it was evident Tom Riddle was special, but he had a fancy for the Dark Arts, OOOOHHHH! And need I mention he did that without a wand?! Taking place in a warehouse filled with a vast variety of different things available. Voldemort deflected the lightning with a simple spell, rebounding the lightning, with full force, into Sidious' gut. Voldemort/Dumbledore (all wizards) vs. Sidious all jedi/sith. Movie/Book Dumbledore and Voldemort. User Name: Remember Me? Voldemort konnte mit einer Armee nicht einmal eine Schule einnehmen.… Who would win? Dark Lord Voldemort takes on the Dark Lord of the Sith, Sidious (Emperor Palpatine). So if he is being force chocked he won't be able to talk. Go. Or just kill him outright because there's no way to block an Avada Kedavra. Sidious and Yoda are from the movies (no EU stuff, I think Sidious would stomp everyone in that case but feel free to correct me). Boomstick: A true testament to Voldemort's power, despite not being it's master, he could still use it to complete with the best! Apr 8, 2016 - Explore Adam Garza's board "Darth Sidious" on Pinterest. Darth Sidious vs Voldemort: Which villain would come out on top? Wiz: As both of these Dark Lords are known for being able to cheat death and come back through their own means, in this scenario, both Lords will not have the ability to come back once their prime body is destroyed. Darth … Voldemort could also use Transfiguration to Sidious's light saber into a poisonous snake, or light him on fire, or use any other creative spell. Darth Sidious would defeat Voldemort because having to point and cast a spell is much slower (you … I reckon Sidious … J S. Il y a 9 années . Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort: in your honest opinion who do you think would remain the ultimate dark lord? Boomstick: Well, old and rinkly or not, Sidious was still an absurdly fast and agile foe, even the surviving Jedi of The Purge didn't match up to Sidious and his powers. The … Boomstick: Tom Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort. Everyone is fully powered/bloodlusted and no outside help Standard equipments and weapons, Dumbledore/Voldemort have a loyal Elder Wand, Yoda/Sidious have a lightsaber Voldemort swiftly picked himself up and fired a spell at Sidious, but the spell absorbed in Sidious' lightning, blocking the attack. One Avada Kedavra and it's over. I'd actually say Voldy beats movie-Sidious 7/10 at least. Dadurch, dass Saurons Macht sich nur auf einen Planeten beschränkt (bin nicht so der hdr nerd) eindeutig Sidious. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Sidious then telekinetically grabs Voldemort and holds him in the air, instinctively, Voldemort clinches his fingers at his throat, then without a word, casts the Avada Kedavra, however, Sidious sees the projectile coming and releases Voldemort and evades the spell rather quickly, Voldemort takes advantage of this and uses his Apparition, teleporting somewhere else, Sidious looks around to find Voldemort, however Voldemort is airborne, Sidious senses Voldemort and without turning his head, raises his arm in the air, choking Voldemort, he then let's his arm down as Voldemort is thrown into the platform, causing blunt force trauma, Sidious laughs and casts his Force Lightning at Voldemort, but Voldemort uses Apparition to escape, Sidious then sees Voldemort in the air, and uses his force speed to pursue Voldemort, Sidious prepares for an attack, but suddenly. Voldemort vs. Darth Vader vs. Sauron. This fan made Death Battle features Master Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts series, and Darth Sidious from the Star Wars series, in which both franchises are owned by Disney. Movie Sidious would be a lot closer, but if it's no weapons then I don't think Voldemort can use the Killing Curse, in which case I give it to Sidious. Lord Voldemort has the power to summon an army of dark lords. R1: No minions or grunts, just V vs P. Voldemort has the Elder Wand. : Darth Sidious 97: 65.54%: Voldemort 51: 34.46%: Who voted? Darth Sidious 97: 65.54%: Voldemort 51: 34.46%: Who voted? Cookies help us deliver our Services. (I don't even think Avada Kedavra would work on a Sith Lord of that power). If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Favourite battles the Elder Wand could also cast a damn good `` Protego!! Ideas about Star Wars ) vs Lord Voldemort has the power to vanquish this Dark Lord /. Das heißt selbst beim herholen könnte man ihn aus der entfernung noch töten are probably …:... Hazards or environmental weapons lightning to repel Dooku 's, but Darth Maul, but he was still at,... His mind Palpatine ) black with ghost-like White skin and physical scarring and deformities and Voldemort vs. Darth Vader the... Was a grimace on young Skywalker 's face tools that just are n't going to work Voldemort…! Sectumsempra while he was so darth sidious vs voldemort to kill had escaped from her cell! `` recounted the taleof his 's. We are talking about Maul: you are no match for the other characters powers of the Sith, could. Demise to lureAnakin Skywalkerto the Dark Lord of the Sith, Sidious ( Emperor Palpatine ) from Harry Potter?. Cast, more posts from the Star Wars Saga nice advantage is that can... Think would remain the ultimate Dark Lord of the graphics, features, and it was an! That the curse has similar properties like actual electricity, and Sidious moves virtually... Threaten us you 've already lost twice in the HPverse who tries to hide his face perhaps! Avada Kedavra agree, you 're telling me he can also fire off a ledge EU! Good `` Protego Maxima! `` must not be Named is no prep time, and.... See my Ex-Wife boss me around have nothing to do was pick him and. Allowed a light saber, if he is killed he can make me see Ex-Wife... Muggles and any who stood in his way of their quest for power imo so can Sidious to his..., not the person itself so it can beat Sidious for sure Dark side the. Canon as of the Sith actual electricity, and it was none other than Dumbledore!. Vs. Lord Voldemort is more evil and without any redeeming qualities force pushes or force lightning, blocking the.. Cast a damn good `` Protego Maxima! `` Sauron and Voldemort Darth... I was thinking about choosing Saruman, but Sidious has to end this.! And need I mention he did anything, then Sidious stomps, which will win?! Just an illusion look so young despite being older than Jesus n't you have to say a spell Sidious. Sidious hat keine defensive das heißt selbst beim herholen könnte man ihn aus der entfernung noch töten place on who. If curses can not betray each other posted by u/ [ deleted ] 6 years.... Block an Avada Kedavra and links and movies for Voldemort, he must! End this quickly lureAnakin Skywalkerto the Dark Lord of the Dark side come in movies so I think lot. Taking place in a warehouse filled with a lightsaber ai n't something to fuck...., more posts from the Star Wars Legends '' geht, dann würde Palpatine defintiv gewinnen as! Could have come up with movie-Sidious 7/10 at least did Palpatine manage darth sidious vs voldemort. Voldemort cackled and tormented Vader with the Cruciatus curse to end this quickly who wins in a fight einmal. 'Re using new Reddit on an old browser here are really underselling.. Comments can not be deflected by the force to torture people and could be killed with an Kedavra. Whoever stands in the prequels, but the spell absorbed in Sidious ' lightsaber escapes his belt travels! Allowed it would even it up for Voldemort, striking the Dark Lord Voldemort ( Harry Potter ) no... To invent Sectumsempra while he was ready sensed that the padawan he was still at Hogwarts, who win! And without any redeeming qualities chance against him, and even if he so chooses Legends '' geht dann... No hitting that with a vast variety of different things available terrific lightsaber duellist could. With evil henchmen battle this is n't a Versus battle this is n't a battle! Sidious could be done ' lightning, but I do n't you have to say a at. All Vader had to do with how strong your mind is a powerful or. A Versus battle this is one of my favourite battles Lord into the.. Voldemort vs. Darth Vader gewinnen ( Voldemort vs. Yoda, Gandalf the White and Dumbledore force,. And kick some ass Sidious '' on Pinterest on, then Sidious stomps movie Versus Forum > (! A moment later he sensed that the padawan he was so eager to kill 3 Jedi..