Broomfield Public Library and Paul Derda Recreation Center

Serving the Broomfield Area

(720) 887.2300

*Not an exhaustive list. Programs are subject to days/times. Registration requirements  may apply.

Reading/Writing/Bilingual: Various Story times and book clubs, Write Hour (drop-in session) ages 8-11, Jammin’ in your Jammies Family Story Time, GPS Scavenger Hunts, Around the World Bilingual Fun.

Arts/Crafts/Music: Art Stop on the Go for ages (6-12), Makerlab: Tie-Dye Your Summer, Makerlab: Vinyl Stickers, Can you Ukulele.

Math/Science: STEM with the Children’s Museum Ages 5-8, Intro to laser: Keychain

Gaming/Legos: Club Pokemon, Discovery Lab: Train your Brain – Human Puzzle, Puzzle Room with Puzzah!

Clubs and Programs: Wow! BPD-Inside Teen Academy (Interaction program with police department), Let’s Talk: You in Nature.

Summer Book Adventures:

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