Colorado Homeschool Evaluations

Colorado Homeschoolers who file a Notice of Intent are required to complete standardized testing or a professional evaluation every other year starting in 3rd grade. These are to be done in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11. Colorado Umbrella schools operate under Colorado’s Independent School Law and have the authority to establish their own rules around testing and evaluations. Most Colorado Umbrella schools will accept a professional evaluation in lieu of a standardized test. Whether you file a Notice of Intent with a school district or you are registered in Colorado with an umbrella school for homeschoolers, we can perform a Homeschool Evaluation for your student, completed by our Mentor Mom, Heather Fritz, licensed teacher in Colorado.

How do the Colorado Homeschool Evaluations work? 

Tests and evaluations can be extremely stressful for both parents and children. We are committed to empowering homeschool parents and kids for ultimate success with the least amount of stress. We want kids to enjoy learning and for parents to feel confident about your homeschool! You homeschool to be independent and free to make your own decisions about your child’s education. We totally support and encourage this!

We designed our homeschool evaluations are gentle and thorough. They do not require your student to be on a zoom call or meet in person. We take into account any special needs your student is dealing with along with any special circumstances or major family events that you are working through. We ask for information about what your student has completed in the 4 core subjects: Math, English, Social Studies/History, and Science. You share information with us about the tools and resources you utilize, your student’s experiences, reading log, and curriculum used. We ask for pictures of 4 samples of work from each subject throughout the year. For older students, information on Electives and Extracurriculars is optional.

We have an easy to use form for you to submit all of your information, no emailing with attachments or using a a third party cloud hosting service to submit information required.

What happens after I submit the data? 

After you upload your student’s information, we pull the information you provide and delete all of your submissions from our website so your family’s resting data is not at risk. We keep our files encrypted and everything we send to you will be password protected to ensure your student’s data is kept private.

What is included with the Colorado Homeschool Evaluation Package? 

We provide feedback to you on what your child is doing great with, opportunities for improvement, and an official report that you can submit to any school district or umbrella school in Colorado. For your personal use, we provide a “Year in Review” that includes all of the work samples so you can have a snap-shot of your student’s work in one document that is easy to store. This is great not just for sentimental purposes, but also for your record keeping documentation.

How long does this process take? 

After you have uploaded your information to us, we will return your feedback, official report, and “Year in Review” within 10 business days. You have the option to expedite your package’s processing time to 48 hours.

What is the price? 

Regular processing time (10 business days) is $109.99 per student.

Expedited processing (48 hours) is $149.99 per student.*

*Expedited processing will be unavailable between June 4-11, 2023

How do I make this happen? 

We can get started right now! Simply choose your processing time below & make payment and you will be automatically linked to start uploading your student’s samples and information. Not ready to start right away? Please bookmark the next page so you can return to it when you have compiled all of your documentation.

Do you have questions we can answer? No problem! You can email Heather or Colleen with questions!

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