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Homeschool Community Groups

Feel free to start any Homeschool Community Group you desire. Not only can groups can pertain to homeschool life but also, kids’ ages, challenges, methods, or special needs.

Start a Homeschool Community Group for anything you want, use your imagination! What would you like help with as a home educator? Is there encouragement are you looking for? Can you  provide encouragement to others?  Identify needs, struggles, or interests that your family has, and begin connecting! Have a homeschool group or co-op? Your group is welcome here.

Please state clearly in the description any rules such as worldviews or religious views that are welcome within your group, in order for everyone to find like-minded people. 

When you create a Homeschool Community Group, you assume responsibility as the admin and moderator of the group. We ask that you make sure that you understand the  Greater Community Rules of My Homeschool Hub, in a like manner check out the Terms & Conditions to ensure that your group doesn’t get deleted or people kicked off the site.

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