Get Connected

We believe that homeschoolers should never feel disconnected. There are so many homeschoolers, and our numbers are growing daily!

We must rally around each other and support an encourage one another.

You do not need to feel alone!

If you are not on traditional social media, or if you don’t like to use it to share personal things, this is a space for you.

If you don’t already have an account, you can register for one here. It is totally free for homeschoolers!

Friend Finder 

Finding like-minded people and making real friendship can be hard, so we crated the Friend Finder. Think dating app, but made for homeschoolers to find friends. Find friends for yourself or for your kids. 

Community Groups 

Community Groups and Events provide a place for all homeschoolers and homeschool groups to connect, communicate, and share events.

get connected with other homeschoolers

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