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Emotional Intelligence (also called EQ) is a person’s capability of identifying, processing, and understanding emotions. It helps you reduce stress, increase resilience, develop great relationships, be at peace with yourself and others, and love your life.

EQ determines how well we handle ourselves and our relationships in 3 spheres:

1) Self awareness- knowing what we are feeling and why we are feeling it, this leads to good intuition and decision making skills.

2) Self management- handling your negative emotions in an effective way so they don’t cripple you and prevent you from being the person you were created to be and helps you identify how to take care of yourself. This includes identifying and managing positive emotions to allow you to do things that you are passionate about in order to fulfill your purpose.

3) Empathy- Recognizing, understanding, or relating to what someone else is feeling.

Success is when the spheres overlap with one another and you can deal with negative and positive emotions in a healthy way inside of yourself and as you interact with other people. When you effectively bring self awareness, self management, and empathy together, you can redirect the course of your life.

Parents of all ages & teens are invited to attend this event. We will take a deep-dive into why EQ matters and give practical help for you to learn how to pursue EQ in your home.

If you have a very mature tween that you believe is able to handle tough emotional content, please feel free to bring them. If you have kids 0-12, we invite you to come to gain knowledge and skills that will level up your self care and improve the health of your family.








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