Homeschool Freedom Academy FAQ’s

Do I need to submit and NOI if I enroll in HFA?
No. Once your child is enrolled in HFA, you the parent no longer have to file a Notice of Intent or NOI in order to homeschool. CRS 22-33-104(2)(b)

Can I enroll in HFA and still enroll my child in a homeschool program through a school district?
Yes. While there are restrictions on private school students participating in public school programs, an umbrella school is considered a type of “Independent School” and isn’t subject to the same restrictions. Just be aware that if you enroll your child into HFA and also a public school program of any type, you will have to follow both the requirements for HFA and whatever the school district requires from you.

What’s the purpose of student and teacher ID’s?
Teacher ID’s are great for getting teacher discounts at participating stores like Michael’s, Home Depot and The Container Store. Movie theaters like Cinemark along with restaurants like Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s and even stores like the Apple store offer student discounts with student ID’s. These ID’s also serve as portable, additional documentation as proof of enrollment with an umbrella school and ID information in case of emergency. HFA offers student and teacher ID’s at $10 per person.

What’s the difference between HFA and other umbrella schools?
HFA has multiple enrollment packages so you can choose what services and costs are best for your family. We also have some a la carte options for things like transcripts and diplomas. HFA will have more flexible testing options for students with special needs or learning disabilities along with options for evaluations by a qualified person and parent evaluations. I think the biggest difference is that we have no religious requirements to enroll and we will not require vaccination records from families who enroll.

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