What’s required by Colorado State law


  • C.R.S. 22-33-104, School Attendance Law, requires children to attend public school unless enrolled for a minimum of 172 days in an independent or parochial school.


  • Subjects covered must include but aren’t limited to, communication skills of reading, writing, and speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, and science.


  • 22-1-106 C.R.S. requires information concerning the honor and use of the flag to be taught.


  • 22-1-108 and 22-1-109 C.R.S. requires the United States Constitution to be studied. Instruction shall begin no later than the seventh grade and continue in high school.


  • C.R.S sections 25-4-90125-4-902, and 25-4-903 requires the parent overseeing the homeschooling to keep records of attendance, test and evaluation results, and immunization records.


  • C.R.S 22-33-104.5(3)(e) requires parents to file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to homeschool with their local school district 14 days prior to the first day of school.
      • Please note that if you enroll in an umbrella school, you can remove your child from school as soon as you have your confirmation letter of registration from your school and do not have to wait the 14 days. If you need your registration expedited, contact us and we will help you.


  • C.R.S. 22-33-104.5(3)(f) requires a child participating in a homeschool program to be evaluated in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 in one of two ways:
  1. A nationally standardized achievement test
  2. An evaluation by a “qualified person”
When you register with HFA, we provide an Attendance Log that you can use all year log to track your student's school days. It auto-calculates your total days for the year and each month.

What’s required by HFA


  • You must provide information during registration each year to verify that you will teach all subjects as required by law.


  • HFA DOES NOT require immunization records. As a homeschooling parent you are required to keep your own records, but HFA does not require those records to be submitted. Your personal medical decisions are none of our business.


  • Attendance records and evaluations or test scores must be submitted by July 31 each year.


  • HFA requires testing/evaluations at the end of school years ending in even years. For example, tests for all students will be required for the following school years:
      • 2021-2022
      • 2023-2024
      • 2025-2026
      • 2027-2028
      • 2029-2030


  • Failure to comply with HFA reporting requirements will result in disenrollment and you will be blocked from re-enrolling in future years.

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