Homeschooling in Colorado

There are 3 ways to homeschool in Colorado. Which one suits your family the best? 

Scroll down for information on State-wide organizations and lists of programs (sorted by county) available for homeschoolers. 




For children 6 years old and above as of August 1 of each school year, file a Notice of Intent to homeschool in Colorado (NOI), with any school district in the state at least 14 days prior to starting homeschooling. You can find step by step instructions and a letter template here.

Testing or an evaluation must be completed in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11. Test results must be sent to the School District that received the NOI. Students must perform higher than the bottom 13% in order to continue homeschooling.

The following items must be kept on file at home: attendance, test and evaluation results, and vaccination records.

It is HIGHLY recommended that when you file your NOI that you keep copies of everything you send, and send it certified mail so that you have a receipt of delivery.


  • Free
  • Easy


  • Your family’s information is going to the State.
  • You don’t know who is storing your family’s data.
  • You don’t know how they are storing it.
  • You don’t know who they share it with.
  • The School District that you file your NOI with can request your records at their discretion, and you must comply, with a 14 day lead time.

Before you submit an NOI, call the school district and ask how the following questions:

  • How do they store your family’s info?
  • How long they keep it?
  • Do they ever destroy it?
  • If applicable, how do they destroy it?
  • Who has access to it?
  • What information do they give to the State?

Make sure you send all documents via certified mail and keep the verification that they received your records.

II. Independent School

Homeschool in Colorado with an Independent School by Registering with an Independent School (also referred to as an Umbrella School).

Most of these schools do not have classes that your students attend.

These “schools” handle the admin duties for your homeschool by keeping your attendance and testing/evaluation results.


  • Your family’s information is protected.
  • Your family’s data is not released to the state without a court order.
  • All your records are kept securely and you know who has access to them.
  • You have a connection to other homeschoolers who you can reach out to  for support when needed.


  • There is an annual expense.

III. Certified Teacher

If you are hold a current teaching license in the State of Colorado, you do not need to file an NOI or register with an Independent school to homeschool in Colorado. You can also use this option if you hire a certified teacher to teach your students.


  • No reporting to anyone necessary.
  • 100% private


  • It can be costly in time and money to get your teaching license.
  • Getting a teaching license while actively homeschooling could be burdensome.
  • A Teacher’s License is good for 7 years. In order to keep it active you must Complete o90 contact hours (six (6) semester hours) of applicable professional development activities. This might be hard to complete while homeschooling and managing your home.
  • Hiring a certified teacher to teach your kids can be expensive.

To learn about how to get your Teacher’s License go here.

Click here to learn about how to renew your Teacher’s License.

Do you have an inactive or expired license? Here is the info you need to renew/reactivate it.

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