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A Lot to Process

Homeschooling is one of the most amazing things you can do as a parent, as well as a superior way to educate your kids. It is exciting, terrifying, difficult, challenging, and wonderful. Homeschooling requires a lot of thought, consideration, work, and commitment not just to start, moreover to see it through. We exist to provide homeschool help for homeschoolers, furthermore to connect homeschoolers.


Are you curious about what homeschooling is, in particular why people choose to educate at home? Do you want homeschool help and direction on how to get started homeschooling? You might have a special needs child and want to homeschool them, but have a lot of questions whether or not it is really possible. The short answer is, yes-you can. See below for answers to these questions.

Do What Works for You

There are many different ways to homeschool, although not all of them are equally good for you. Don’t use a curriculum or follow a certain method because someone you know or admire is doing it. Your family is distinctly unique. In order for homeschooling to work well for you, take time to figure out what methods and curriculum suits your family. One of the quickest paths to despair in homeschool is to try to put your family into someone else’s box. You and your kids are not meant to be like anyone else, specifically homeschool is freedom. Break the mold of conventional education.

Local Info

If you know of a great resource in your area, please send it to us at Our goal is to make the homeschool world less mysterious, above all we want to save time for all homeschoolers.

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