Homeschool Umbrella School International Students

Are you homeschooling outside of the US and want the support and services of an umbrella school for homeschoolers?

We provide a letter of enrollment and you are welcome to utilize any of your services (teacher & student IDs, record keeping, transcripts, diplomas, mentoring services, high school guidance counseling, college admissions consulting etc). Enrollment provides one Teacher ID at no charge. Enrollment is $50 per family per school year with a one-time new family administration fee of $10.

Optional services/charges (all prices are US dollars):

  • Additional IDs-$10 each
  • Mentoring Serivces- $50 per hour (discount given with the purchase of 3 or more hours).
  • High School Guidance Counseling- $50 per hour
  • College Admissions Consulting packages start at $465.00
  • Transcripts- $75 per year of data + notary and shipping fees.
  • Diplomas- $80 + notary and shipping fees.

What do we require for enrollment?

  1. Payment of Enrollment Fee
  2. Teaching Resource List- this is the list of the curriculum you use or if you don’t use curriculum, a list of the resources you use to facilitate learning in your home.
  3. Attendance Log at the end of the school year. Our school year runs from July 1 -June 30. The Attendance Log is due by June 30.
  4. Every other year in school years ending in odd years (2024-2025, 2026-2027, etc), for children age 9+, a Parent Evaluation (included at no charge with your membership), a Professional Evaluation, or a standardized test score is to be submitted to show student’s learning progress according to their abilities.

You are responsible for understanding the homeschooling laws in your country and complying with them.

We cannot legally represent you should the local authorities challenge the legitimacy of your homeschool.

We STRONGLY suggest you get a membership with Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They can help you should any legal issues arise with your family’s homeschool. Statheros Academy families receive a discount on their membership. Use code 301171 when you sign up with them to get your discount. 

Ready to enroll? Please use complete payment below. You will be linked to your registration form automatically. Processing takes up to 10 business days, but can be expedited within 24 hours for a $15 fee.

One time new family administrative fee: $10
Current school year enrollment: $50

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