How Removing Personal and Religious Vaccine Exemptions Would Affect Homeschoolers in Colorado

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What is going on? 

On Friday 2/8/19, Representative Kyle Mullica had what he referred to as a “listening session” with Colorado residents who are opposed to him presenting a bill to change Colorado’s vaccine personal and religious exemption laws.  Here is a great summary of what happened.

Representatives Kyle Mullica and Faith Winter hosted a  Town Hall meeting on Saturday 2/9/19 at the Northglenn Recreation Center. There were maybe 60-70 people in attendance. They had a someone from a health agency and a guy from a data research group speak before they took questions.

Mullica and Winter fielded questions together that they had people write down on index cards. More than half of them were about the vaccine bill. They gave the same response to all of them which was essentially “We will try to balance all sides and information, but our priority remains public safety.” Rep. Mullica also changed his verbiage regarding the status of the bill. The previous week he was saying “There is no bill written yet.” Saturday he said, “There has been no bill presented yet.” This is complete conjecture on my part, but I believe there is a bill in writing and it could be dropped on the house floor any time.

What about the meeting at the Capitol?

I do believe that Mullica heard what people were saying on Friday and had compassion for their heart-breaking stories of vaccine injury, but I do not think that he has changed his position enough to drop this issue. He is an RN who was taught the schedule and that vaccines are safe. He repeatedly said at his Town Hall meeting on Saturday that, “Public safety and reducing health care costs are my first priority.”

Homeschool Law in CO

Many homeschoolers don’t believe that this will affect them, and this is wrong. Colorado’s homeschool law is tied directly into the vaccine law, while in many other states, it is not. Here is the section that is tied into the vaccine law:

Record Keeping

Records for each child participating in a home school program must be kept on a permanent basis by the parent who is overseeing the home school program. The records must include, but are not limited to, attendance, test and evaluation results, and immunization records as required by C.R.S sections C.R.S. 25-4-901, C.R.S. 25-4-902, and C.R.S. 25-4-903. The records must be produced and provided to the school district that received the written notification, not the state of Colorado, at the school district’s request.

This means that if a homeschooler files an NOI/LOI with a school district (while right now they may not ask for it), legally, they can require you to give it to them. Their goal is to get into the high 90’s% of vaccine compliance, so it is very plausible that they would require the school districts to enforce this piece. All Colorado schools are required to collect vaccine records or exemption forms, this includes private schools and homeschool umbrella schools- so they are already subject to the same rules.

The Reality

To assume that this will not affect homeschoolers, is a grave mistake. Representative Singer out of Longmont is waiting for autopsy results from the mother that killed her son and was claiming to homeschool him. (Please note, that she never followed Colorado Homeschool law, so they weren’t actually homeschoolers.) Rep. Singer has said that he is looking at all options to make changes to the homeschool law to make sure that kids are safe. I believe his exact words were “nothing is off the table.”

Mullica and the pro-vaccine group he has been working with are saying “Of course, no one is forcing anyone to vaccinate, so it already is a matter of individual choice”… that sounds really nice, but they don’t understand these truths:

  • It is almost impossible to get a medical exemption because Dr.’s can lose their licenses if they give them because they would be acknowledging that vaccines have dangerous side effects. They are only given in extreme cases, and even then it can take years to get them.

  • The homeschool law is tied directly into the vaccine law, so it doesn’t immunize us from a bill mandating vaccines. Saying that people can just choose to homeschool is wrong.

  • Not everyone can homeschool. Single parents and families that must have dual incomes can not just drop everything and pull their kids out of school because they are being discriminated against because of their health care choices… This WOULD force both public school and homeschoolers to inject their kids against their will if they want to remain in Colorado.

  • The 14th Amendment of the Constitution ensures the right of all children to a public education Pryler vs. Doe. Just because someone doesn’t like someone else’s health care choices, does not give them the authority to take away their right to an education. Homeschoolers pay taxes in Colorado, and their kids are entitled to utilizing the programs available to them in the public schools.

  • Colorado is one of the friendliest states for homeschoolers and the state makes a lot of money off of us. Many of the public school districts have programs for homeschoolers, and they make a lot of money through federal funding. Colorado benefits greatly from the large number of homeschoolers in the state. We pay property taxes to support the schools and then pay for our own educational materials with no over-head to the state.

  • This is a human rights issue and a discrimination issue. A bill that would take away personal and religious exemptions would literally create a people group that is being discriminated against and ostracize them. It would also violate their right to privacy because families who have been active and enrolled in schools for years would be forced to explain to all of their friends why they are picking up and leaving the state suddenly.

“Kick them out of the Herd”

While some pro-vaccine proponents are in favor of kicking people who partially or don’t vaccinate “out of the herd”, this is a very dangerous position to take regarding freedom and respect of our fellow Americans. It is supporting taking away the jurisdiction over their bodies- just because the disagree with you. Many veterans and public servants fall into this group. Turning your backs on fellow Americans- including people who have served our country, for everyone’s freedom is WRONG.

This is not an “anit-vaxx” or “pro-vaccine” issue. This is a Freedom issue.

“There’s not an American in this country free until every one of us is free.” Jackie Robinson

How to Get More Info

If you would like to receive updates, please to Colorado Heath Choice Alliance’s website to sign up for their email list. CHCA’s updates will be what is going on with the bill and what you can do on a state level. There are some local Chapters forming around the state, to get plugged in locally, check with them to see if there is a group in your area.

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