Umbrella Schools in Colorado

With all the choices of umbrella schools in Colorado, why should you choose Statheros Academy?

Statheros Academy is the most flexible umbrella school you can find in Colorado, with the best price points. We have multiple Enrollment Service Packages to suit any budget and we encourage you to customize your services to meet your family’s needs.

You have more support at your disposal when you join Statheros Academy. From working with your choice of Mentors from our team of Mentor Moms, to direct and easy access to the Founder and Administrator 7 days a week/365 days a year,  to the robust High School Services we provide, you will always have the peace of mind and security knowing that our team is just a text/call/click away and ready to help you with whatever you need.

Our Homeschool Experts can help you with anything you need! Are you overwhelmed with the world of curriculum and don’t know how or where to start homeschooling? Do you have a child with Special Needs and need help, ¬†encouragement, or direction on what to do next? Have you been homeschooling for awhile but have run into a new obstacle? Our Mentor Moms are veteran homeschoolers with decades of experience and are eager to help you through anything that comes your way. Are you getting ready to or already homeschooling a High Schooler and want to make sure that your student has a rock solid Transcript and gets a Diploma? Will you have a soon to be Graduate and need help navigating college applications? We have you covered every step of the way!

If hands on support isn’t your jam and you are just looking for an umbrella school to meet legal requirements, look no further. We will help you as little-or as much as you ask us to.

What are you looking for in an umbrella school? How can we help your family succeed? We exist to serve, empower, equip, and connect you and your student for success!

Do you have questions about our umbrella school? Check out or FAQ page!

Are you ready to enroll? We can process your registration within 24 hours!

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