Please read through our Homeschool Classifieds Marketplace Acronym Guide so everyone has best experience possible.

Let’s all speak the same language so we save time and money.

These are the standard acronyms that are used here. If you have a great one that you would like to see added to this list, feel free to submit it here.

marketplace acronym guide

Item Condition Acronyms:

BNIB-Brand New in Box
BNWOT-Brand New Without Tags
EUC-Excellent Used Condition
GUC-Gently Used Condition
LN-Like New
NWT-New With Tags
OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturer
PFH-Pet Friendly Home (please list what pets are in your home as well)
SFPF-Smoke Free Pet Free Home
SS-Still Sealed
SW-Slight Wear
VUGC-Very Good Used Condition

Communication Acronyms:

ISO-In Search Of
MMARO-Make Me a Reasonable Offer
NIL-Next in Line If a seller tells you that you want to be NIL, if someone is ahead of you the have first dibs. If that deal falls, you’re up next.
OBO-Or Best Offer
ORP-Original Retail Price
PPU – Pending Pick Up. This means that another buyer is supposed to pick up the item. If the sale falls through, the people in line- in order of expressed interest are up.
PSP– Pending Shipment Processing. The shipment is getting ready to ship and waiting for payment. If payment goes through successfully the item will ship. If payment doesn’t clear, the item will be available to NIL.
TIA-Thanks in Advance
WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get

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