unit studies

It’s All Related

Unit Studies bring the study of multiple subjects such as literature, writing, spelling, science, and history, together around one topic for everyone in the family to learn together. Some parents make their own math curriculum that goes along with the unit study, while others opt to purchase a math curriculum for each child.  This method is great because you can learn about whatever interests your family most at any given time and follow any rabbit trails you desire…together.

Family Learning

Unit Studies are great for family learning. Older students can do harder assignments while younger students can do work that is suitable for their level of understanding. The entire family can discuss what they are learning since they are all studying the same topic. Think about the original one-room schoolhouses. All students learned the same subjects at the same time, but they completed assignments appropriate for their ages. This fostered a strong sense of community and created a unique closeness among everyone.

Anything You Want It To Be

An example of a unit study is English monarchs during the middle ages. You could read literature about various monarchs and historical stories to learn about life during the time period you are studying, investigate how castles and cathedrals were built and where they are in England, make cardboard swords and other props, take a field trip to a medieval festival, and incorporate strategic games such as chess. You could also prepare English food, study plants native to England, and learn  what the climate and weather is like in that part of the world. The potential learning activities are limitless.  Unit studies can be as brief or as long as you want them to be, and they can be adapted for any topic or circumstance.

Make it Happen

Purchase a prepared Unit Study curriculum, or make your own.

If you are interested in purchasing a curriculum, check out Cathy Duffy’s Unit Study reviews.

If you decide to create your own unit study, check out Cathy Duffy’s list of creating your own unit studies tools.

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