Homeschooling Elementary School

Homeschooling elementary school is a sweet time! It can be full of enchantment and wonder. Kids have an innocence that allows for a wide range of learning and a lot of fun.

There is a lot of growth and changes that happen throughout the elementary years. The early years or “lower elementary” are typically grades K-2, while grades 3-5 are referred to as “upper elementary.”

Kids can be at various reading and writing levels during this time. Some kids develop skills earlier than others. Don’t panic if your kid is not “at grade level.” Help them discover their strengths, and support them in overcoming challenges. If you need additional help with teaching skills there are so many resources out there to support homeschoolers.

One of the most magical times is the elementary years. It is a time of discovery. Enjoy this sweet time, and dedicate yourself to forming deep bonds with your child so that you have a good foundation for the middle school years that are rapidly approaching.

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