Why Do People Homeschool?

The reasons for home educating mirror the diversity of The United States of America. We are households of various races, ages, economic levels, religions, and nonreligious mindsets. Go to a room full of home educators and ask, “Why did you choose to homeschool?” You will get a variety of answers as diverse as the citizens of this great nation.

Why Do People Homeschool?

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Bodily Autonomy

Medical Freedom is methodically being restricted across the country. Many parents  maintain autonomy and keep jurisdiction over their family’s bodies by homeschooling. Rather than injecting children with ingredients that are either against their belief systems or harmful to their health in order to go to school, they skip the shots and educate at home.

Educational Success

Many people homeschool to help their children gain knowledge, have a successful career, and to be a positive contributor to society. Home education is conducive to providing an environment that teaches the student to be a self-guided learner. Children who experience wonder will develop a hunger for learning that lasts a lifetime. This builds a platform for a more fulfilling and successful life.

Many children have the potential to thrive academically but are discouraged and unchallenged in a traditional school setting. It is frustrating for them to have to stay at the same pace as a class full of other kids.  Homeschooling enables parents to speed up or slow down the pace of presenting new material to their child, quickening the pace of learning. Parents may also add challenges based on their child’s interest level and abilities.

Common Core and Data Mining

There isn’t enough room here to get into the depth and breadth of the things wrong with Common Core and Data Mining. If you are not familiar with these issues, please do deep research on these subjects.


If a child faces health challenges, working with him or her on a one-on-one basis can have amazing benefits.  A child may improve exponentially when the learning process is adapted to their environment and ability.  Learning can happen in any environment, even in a hospital atmosphere.  Homeschooling enables a parent to tailor education to meet their family’s needs and specifically, each child’s needs.

The Gift of Time

Homeschooling gives the added benefit of more time with children and family togetherness.  When we spend more time with our children than society does, we gain the benefit of being their biggest influence, rather than competing with the growing influence of others. “School” takes a lot less time because there is no taking attendance and lunch orders, or waiting in line to move around the building. Precious time can be spent in books and learning that can’t happen in a traditional school environment.

Personal Belief Systems and Autonomy

Children belong to their parents, not the government. It is not the government’s role to decide what values and beliefs a child will be raised with. It is a parent’s prerogative to pass on their worldview to their children. Homeschooling allows one to incorporate religious or non religious beliefs in all aspects of raising their children. One can choose to teach all classes, including reading, math, science, history, and the language arts from perspective that aligns with their worldview. Parents take the first and foremost responsibility and influence in the character formation of their children.

A Desire to Be with Their Children

Many parents want to be with their children all day everyday and enjoy life together. We have our children for a very short time. It is a great joy and blessing to share all these days together sharing relationship, wonder, learning, and experiences together.

Sleeping in and Short Lines at Disney World!

Okay, so maybe not at Disney World, but travel is a lot easier and cheaper when you can go anytime you want and you aren’t subject to the schedules of the rest of the world. Not to mention, kids can sleep as much as their growing bodies need. Learning is a lot easier when one is well rested!


Safety has become a major concern for parents and kids. Bullying and school shootings have heightened awareness of the dangers of the public arena. Home education enables a parent prepare their children to deal with society’s growing pressures and the reality of world tragedies, as children mature in age and understanding. Instilling compassion in kids is a common result of discussions about loving others and treating them with respect throughout the happenings of daily life.

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You. Got. This.

No matter what your reasons are for homeschooling, you can do it! Remember to keep the lists that you made while thinking about home educating your kids (see this page for help on making these lists). You will have hard days, and reviewing your lists will serve as a good reminder about why you are homeschooling and keep you motivated to press on when it gets tough.

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