Statheros Academy Evaluations/Testing

A common question for homeschoolers is about testing.

If you file a Notice of Intent to homeschool in the state of Colorado, you are required to test or have your kids evaluated at the end of each school year for odd grades, starting in third grade.

When you register with our Umbrella School, you complete evaluations or testing according to our schedule.

Statheros Academy does not require testing, we prefer evaluations for students in grades 3 and up for a number of reasons.

The evaluations we like the best are Parent Evaluations. We firmly believe that this gives the best reflection of what the student has worked on and simultaneously brings the accountability to parents because it requires us to really look at what our kids have done, and where we need to help them improve. Test results put our kids in a box and compare them to other kids. This is completely counterintuitive of homeschooling.

We provide a free Parent Evaluation form to all of our members toward the end of each school year, to be completed for each of your students.

These are to be completed for kids grades 3 and up, according to the evaluation schedule you choose, based on your Service Package. If you choose the Even Year Schedule and your student is in 3rd grade during a school year ending in an Odd number, you would complete their first Evaluation in their 4th grade year.

If you prefer to hire someone outside your family to complete an evaluation, we absolutely accept that for your records, and if testing is what you want to do, we will still accept the test results for your students. We do not have a list of approved tests. Choose the best one for your child, and ensure that it provides results that you can share with us as documentation of your child’s educational progress.

Some additional reasons whey we favor Parental Evaluations

Parent Year End Evaluations are able to show learning, progress, and mastery in a variety of ways for many areas and subjects compared to testing that provides a 2-dimensional view of mastery in any given subject.

Parents ‘Year End Evaluations helps parents see an overview of their school year to assess where the student needs to start the next school year in areas they excelled and areas that need more practice to master or see progress.

Lastly, Parent Year End Evaluations are tailored to the material the student engaged with during the school year. There is no need to take away from student’s natural learning time to teach to a test.

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