Statheros Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Statheros Academy?

Statheros Academy is an umbrella school in the state of Colorado. We meet enrollment requirements for Colorado homeschoolers, and provide record keeping services for the rest of the homeschool world. It is run by the owner and founder of My Homeschool Hub, Colleen. Mentoring support is provided by the MentorMom team. Not only do we all have skin in the game, but we have been a part of the homeschool community and have long-standing reputations for serving others.

What does Statheros mean? 

Statheros (σταθερός), is Greek for constant, stable, fixed, firm, stationary standard, consistent, steadfast, and permanent. Parents are committed to Statheros in your families and to your kid’s education. As homeschoolers, we are all Statheros.

If I live in Colorado, do I need to submit a Notice of Intent after I enroll with Statheros Academy? 

No. Once your child is enrolled in Statheros Academy, DO NOT file a NOI because you are no longer educating under the homeschool law, you are now educating under the Private School Law.

If I live outside of Colorado, do I need to do anything for my State? 

Yes. For everyone outside of CO, you need to follow your local homeschool law. We are only a record keeping service for you.

Is Statheros faith based, or secular? 

The owner of My Homeschool Hub, Colleen is unapologetically a Christian, but there are no religious requirements to join. We serve all homeschoolers.

Do you require vaccine records?

No. Your family’s medical decisions are your business, not ours. We do not want or need to know what choices you make. We know that you make the best choice for your family.

Can I enroll in Statheros Academy and still enroll my child in a private or public homeschool program?

Yes, but you will be required to adhere to our guidelines, along with the policies of any homeschool enrichment program you enroll in, whether it is private or public. Be sure to check with them, because some will require you to register with them.

What are the teaching, school days, and hour requirements?

We are an Independent School, but we still follow CO State Homeschool Law teaching requirements. This means you are required to complete the following:

  • 172 days of instruction per year
  • 4 hours per day
  • The following subjects must be taught: communication skills of reading, writing, and speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, science, and regular courses of instruction in the Constitution of the United States.

How is my family’s data stored?

Privacy and data security is one of our top concerns priorities.

  • We use Microsoft, FERPA compliant forms to collect all of our registration paperwork, and then delete it from their server permanently.

Why do you issue ID’s for all teachers and students? 

ID’s serve as on demand proof of enrollment in Statheros Academy and provide ID information in case of emergency, which is an added safety measure for kids who don’t have state issued ID’s just yet.

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Why does Statheros Academy have so many Service Packages?

Statheros Academy has multiple service packages so you can choose what you want. We understand that every family is unique. Some families want more support, while others only need the bare minimum to adhere to State requirements. We believe that you should never try to fit in someone else’s educational box, and we will never tell you how to homeschool. We exist to serve you.

What are your testing or evaluation requirements?

We have the most flexible schedule in Colorado. You get to choose your own schedule based on your service package. Toward the end of each school year, every family with a membership with Statheros Academy receives (at no charge) a parent evaluation that you can complete for each of your students according to the schedule you choose. We also accept evaluations completed by a third party, and have Mentor Moms who provide this service should you wish to go this route.

If evaluations aren’t your jam, and you prefer testing, we accept more tests than any other Umbrella School in Colorado. You choose the test that suits your child the best, and provide the results to us.

Evaluations and Tests must show that kids are improving year over year according to their abilities.

What sets Statheros apart from other independent schools?

Statheros Academy is founded and run by homeschool moms committed to helping homeschool families.

We Provide/Do:

  • Parent evaluations are free with your yearly service package.
  • Give the most flexibility, as you choose your schedule for parent evaluations in odd or even calendar years.
  • Accept testing or professional evaluations as well if preferred.
  • Offer other services such as student and teacher ID’s, a planner to start your year off right, high school transcripts, and high school diplomas.
  • Offer support through our Mentor Mom services.
  • We have a dedicated High School Guidance Counselor who helps you plot your student’s High School path in order to have them to have the best chances for success.
  • Our High School Transcripts have exceptional attention to detail in an outstanding presentation in order to make your student shine.
  • Our exclusive High School Diplomas are beautiful. They celebrate and honor your student’s accomplishment. Choose your own seal to suit your family’s values. We have 3 to choose from Christian, Academic, and Honors.
  • We have College Admissions Consulting services to help your family choose the best college for your student and help them have a better chance at being accepted to the college of their choice.


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