Statheros Academy High School Homeschool Transcript Service

What’s the big deal about the High School Homeschool Transcript?

The Homeschool High School Transcript is the most important factor in establishing credibility to your Homeschool Graduate’s education. It is a critical piece to work in tandem with your student’s High School Diploma. Learn about our High School Diploma Service here.

It can also be extremely intimidating to put together, but we can make the task of creating transcripts much easier. We love to work with Homeschool parents and teens to show off all the hard work you have been doing, in order to help your student have the most opportunities as possible.

The process itself is simple. You facilitate your student’s education by ensuring they take the courses they need to have, name each course, write a brief description of that course, issue a grade, submit days attended/absent, and upload it to us via a form that we provide.

If your student has a combination high school experience comprised of public/private school and homeschooling, don’t worry the transcript can include all sources of schooling. Our High School counselor, Pamela Willcox, will speak with you to make sure that all relevant materials have been uploaded so that she can include all sources and grades into the transcript. Our transcripts show GPA’s for each semester, year, and cumulative weighted/unweighted GPA.

We also like to show high school courses to be taken for both semesters of senior year even though grades will not be shown at the time the first transcript is sent to colleges. This shows colleges that the student is still fully engaged with their education.

At that point, we will take it and turn it into a High School Homeschool Transcript that will showcase your student’s accomplishments.

Once you are a member, you may add a High School Transcript to your membership. They are $75 per year per student, per year of high school.

You can send a transcript to colleges yourself or you can have our High School Counselor, Pamela Willcox, send them for you. Why? So glad you asked!

• Most colleges/universities require transcripts to be sent upon application to the school (so if you apply to 10 schools you must send transcripts to 10 different school.) and then a final transcript showing matriculation date and recalculated final GPA needs to be sent only to the school chosen to attend.

• Homeschool transcripts need to be sent to a specific email sometimes this is published on the college website or admissions must be called to find out their procedure.

• We send our transcripts with a cover letter to each school.

• Highly competitive private/public schools will often ask for a mid-year report that needs to be sent after January grades have been posted. This is because most schools only see actual grades from junior year on the transcript and they want to see that an accepted student still has the grades to attend.

Multiply times each school applied to and you can see how this can be time consuming.

Pricing for documents sent by Statheros High School counselor :

• Cover letter/transcripts at application time: $35 for the first 3 colleges, then $15 for each additional college.

• Cover letter/Mid-Year report: $35

• Final Cover letter/transcript upon high school graduation: $35

How do I get a High School Homeschool Transcript?

In order to purchase a transcript, you must be a member of Statheros Academy. You do not need to be a resident of Colorado to utilize our Transcript Service.

Non-Colorado Residents:  The Bedrock Membership,  $20 provides you with a lifetime membership, Record Keeping services, and allows the Transcript and Diploma services to be added on.

Colorado Residents: Service Packages start at $50. These are the Reliable, Enduring, Determined, & Unwavering Service Packages.

Once you are a member, you may add a High School Transcript to your membership. They are $75 per year per student, per year of hight school.

What will the High School Homeschool Transcript Look Like?

Transcripts will come with an official Statheros Academy letter head, the High School Guidance Counselor’s signature, and the Administrator’s signature.

We will provide you with a form to submit your student’s information for each course/year. As you are the primary educator, it is your responsibility to write the course descriptions and provide documentation of all classes taken and grades earned. You will communicate with our High School Guidance Counselor, Pamela Willcox to ensure your student’s transcript is the highest quality possible.

Need help understanding homeschool high school credits?

For more information on High School Credits and hours to log as Carnagie Credits, see our High School Credit Guide. We also offer High School Diplomas for your High School Graduate! Feel free to download this sample Statheros Academy High School Transcript for review and an example of the information you want to track for your student.

Homeschool High School TranscriptHomeschool High School Transcript 2

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