• Lifetime Membership for a one-time fee of $20.00
  • Bedrock Service Package establishes membership to Statheros Academy, which provides access to purchase any/all of our services. Each service has its own fee. 
  • Once this registration is complete, you will receive links to purchase all the services. 
  • $5 per school year’s records that we store for you. Price is per family, not per student.  
  • Attendance & Test/Evaluation results storage.
  • This is available to all homeschoolers, everywhere. 
  • Does not meet attendance and reporting requirements for any state.
  • We store your attendance records and test/evaluation results.  You always know they are safely stored, and you can get copies anytime you need them.
  • You manage & complete testing/evaluations according to your state’s requirements and we store your records for you. 
  • Should you need a copy of your records, you simply submit a request and a copy of  your ID, and we provide your records electronically in the form of a PDF.  Hard copies can be mailed upon request for $15 per set. 

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