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    My name is Angela Shelley.  I own and operate Messy Growth. I am certified as a Master Life Coach from the Certified Life Coach Institute. I am also licensed as a financial coach. Messy Growth is a coaching and consulting company focused on helping you create the vision for your future that you want the most. We focus on the four fundamental pillars of a balanced life:

    1.    Educational Freedom

    2.    Financial Independence

    3.    Healthy Relationships

    4.    Personal & Spiritual Growth

    I have been coaching in one capacity or another for what seems like all of my life. However, I decided to open Messy Growth and pursue this as a passion in 2019. I am very excited to share with the world the truths and tools that I have learned over the years in education, personal goal setting, finances, and in the power of the family unit. I believe that if your family is healthy, then there is more room for individual growth and excellence. I want to help you discover the strength and success you can have when your environment works best for you. I believe that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. One size rarely fits all. I am here to help you find just the right combination for you and your family to have the best success possible.

    I have degrees in Biology and Chemistry.  So it should not come as a shock to know that I have a very strong interest in the human body and why and how it works the way that it does. Everyone is different. Our bodies may be put together in the same biological ways, but when it comes to the chemistry and make up of the brain, its synapses, and why we do the things we do, things can get a little more complicated. I like to make the connection from our physical bodies to our mental minds and figure out exactly why we do the things that we do and how we can control ourselves and our situations.  This approach has led to a unique approach to customizing educational paths and / or programs not only for families, but for individual students as well.

    My husband and I married in 2006. We had just moved from Arkansas to Tennessee.  We had a whole six months to be married before finding out we were pregnant with the first of our now four children. Our second child followed 19 months later.  So now we had two children in diapers and no family in the same state, much less the same city.  As the children grew, we began to discuss how we wanted to approach their education.  My husband went to a combination of public and private schools growing up, while I had always attended private schools.  As we began to look at the options in our area, we decided that while there were undoubtedly excellent teachers in the public schools, the statistics in the area indicated that the system as a whole was not ideal.  As newly weds, private school was not an option for financial reasons.  So, we decided to explore homeschooling.  This was a completely foriegn concept to me as there is no connection to homeschooling in my family and as far as I was concerned at the time, you needed to look like an extra from “Little House on the Prairie” inorder to pursue it.  However, my husband’s two siblings both homeschooled their children at the time, so we began to ask them about what they had found in their journeys.  They had a good bit of information to share as their children were all older than ours at the time.  What we quickly found was that both houses took similar and yet vastly different approaches to the education of their children, and yet, both had solid evidence that each of their approaches were working well, based upon testing scores.  So, we began pursuing homeschooling.  We quickly discovered that while there are absolutely things that must be “learned” due to the unique learning style of each child, there are many constants across the board.  We have definitely found that while there is safety in a multitude of counselors, homeschooling is much like parenting in general: Everyone will have advice, whether or not they even have children.  Listen, but filter.  If what they say sounds like a bad idea for your house, then it likely is.  Based upon our experience, homeschooling is indeed much like parenting.  At first, almost everything will seem overwhelming, but with experience, what was originally overwhelming will become routine.

    Just as we were beginning to find our routine with our two children in this new homeschooling world. My husband was offered a wonderful job … across the country … again.  So, we moved again, this time to Colorado.  Fast forward two years, and added our third child.  Fast forward another two years and we added our fourth.  Living with infants and toddlers is exhausting.  Homeschooling with them is a step beyond.  We learned to not go it alone.  With the help of two other homeschooling mothers, we started a homeschool co-op which quickly grew to over 20 families with over 100 children in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school.  The co-op provided a wide range of classes, including foreign language, biology, chemistry, physics, marine biology, anatomy, geology, general science, writing, art, drama, debate, physical education, destination imagination, IEW, etc.

    What I have learned through the course of our family’s journey so far is that the stresses of life can bend and stretch any family, but it doesn’t have to break it. I have learned how to manage many issues over our 13 years of marriage. Moving, birth, death, health issues, money issues, and the list goes on and on. What I have found is that the trip from overwhelmed to functional to excelling is far shorter than it appears when you are overwhelmed and at the beginning of your journey.  Being able to take a few powerful tools home to implement in your own life can create a world of difference in the health of your home and the speed at which things become just a little bit easier.


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