Jodie PerryLife Unboxed

Jodie Perry is a wife, homeschooling mom of 6, writer, blogger, podcaster, and accidental entrepreneur.

Her website helps momtrepreneurs break free from the 9-5, be their own boss, raise their kids, and enjoy their lives. It gives them the tools they need to be successful on their own terms—in any field or career path.

Jodie has been running her virtual assistant business since 2014. She understands the challenges of raising kids, running a business, and keeping your sanity…most days. She shares her experience with other moms, so they can be confident that they can do it too.

Life Unboxed is a space for moms who are (or want to) run a business and have the flexibility of homeschooling their kids. You can listen to the podcast on any platform: Life Unboxed Blog Show. Watch the show on YouTube. Use the links below to connect with her on Facebook, Insta, or Pinterest.

In one sentence, please encapsulate your best advice to homeschool moms?

You don’t need to lock into a one-size fits all homeschooling style. We homeschool to tailor curriculum and teaching for each individual child.

What are your top 2-3 book recommendations for homeschoolers?

Grit by Angela Duckworth, 7 Women and the Secret to their Greatness by Eric Metaxas, Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More by Karen Swallow Prior

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