Julaine SwithersPeak Reading Solutions

Julaine educated all five of her children at home and examined the world of learning differences as a result. Through research, trial and a lot of errors, she learned that two of her children have dyslexia (as well as dyscalculia and dysgraphia). Discovering that Orton-Gillingham was the proven method to teach someone with dyslexia, Julaine studied and eventually became certified as a dyslexia specialist.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Julaine is a certified Wilson Reading System practitioner and dyslexia specialist, highly-trained educational therapist and former journalist with more than 20 years of experience teaching students of all ages. Julaine specializes in providing effective, researched-based intervention for students with a variety of learning differences. Her work is characterized by rigorous, stimulating interactive language and questioning to build confidence and independence in learning. Students know that when they enter her office they will work hard in a nurturing environment. They also know that they will have some laughs, and they will likely leave feeling a little bit better about themselves than when they arrived. As one student surmised, “The work is really hard, but I like coming here because I really like you.”

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