Julie BlackWell House Homeopathy Group

Julie Black is a Master Herbalist and working towards certification of Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy.  She is the owner and operator of Holistic Home Girl, mom to three great boys, and wife to a wonderful husband.  She loves family, friends, homeschooling, and connecting like-minded moms to communities that will bring out their lion-hearts.  Julie also loves all things Holistic Home and empowering families, by  giving them useful tools, that enhance their family lives, especially in the realm of natural healthcare, and local food resources.  She comes from a medical background, and  began the journey into natural healthcare through the challenges facing her first child.  When his prescribed treatments did not settle well with her soul – nor did they effectively address his needs – the Lord led her to a different way, and she is forever thankful!  Julie, along with the entire team at Well House Homeopathic Group, is excited to share homeopathy’s vast power with you and your family! Connect with her on Instagram at @holistichomey!

Together, we are Well House Homeopathy Group, best friends, and homeschool mamas banded together on a mission to provide your family with faith based, quality, compassionate homeopathic care for many ailments.  We utilize a practical approach to homeopathy in our practice which provides our clients a pathway to abundant health!  We also strive to provide you with local food/farmer resources that will enable you to feed your families well, while also supporting local farmers.  Good food and good homeopathic care are two important pillars to good health!

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