Lynette DicksonMentor Mom

    Lynette Dickson is a Christian, wife, mother, and second generation homeschooler. She has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Oral Roberts University with background studies in teaching English, History, Math, and Art History. She has experience teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and supporting grades K-12, community college, and special needs. She has experience with dual enrollment options, supporting children with occupational therapy techniques, planning, helping create transcripts, virtual learning, college enrollment and college transfer options, homeschooling with a blended family, homeschooling a large family, and homeschooling while having babies and raising toddlers. She is an administrator of one national and four local homeschooling Facebook groups to help support other homeschooling families. She has used several homeschooling methods including Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, and Eclectic styles. “My passion is to help new homeschoolers feel confident and enjoy homeschooling their children.”

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