Melinda BiddyCultivate, Charlotte Mason Community

    Melinda Biddy has been a creative home educator for 21 years and mentor for over fifteen years in various homeschool groups and Christian ministries. She enjoys theater, art and all things anthropology. Currently, she is the administrator of a Charlotte Mason group, teaches Shakespeare, nature study & art classes, and is completing a degree in Counseling. As a home educator and mother, she has had the privilege of directing and teaching at various co-ops. She has a passion for helping new and struggling homeschool families. Over the years, she has worked with theatre productions, Children’s Church Director, Preschool Director, and Artios Academies Director. Having had a plethora of children and experience in teaching to various age groups, she has a knack for combined subject teaching. She and her high school sweetheart, Jay, have been married for 27 years and reside in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. They have homeschooled all of their nine children ranging in ages from 26 years down to 5 years. She is an urban girl with a rural heart, enjoys taking friends and students on plein aire hiking trips, and can usually be found with her bag of books, art journal, and chocolate covered almonds.

    In one sentence, please encapsulate your best advice to homeschool moms?

    Above the academia are the relationships in your home, so allow grace and love to abound and reflect on the truth and goodness of one another.

    What are your top 2-3 book recommendations for homeschoolers?

    Atomic Habits, For the Children’s Sake, and Shepherding a Child’s Heart

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