Noble Gibbens, EQ Gangster

About Noble Gibbens:

How did an emotionally clueless West Point grad, US Army veteran who used to jump out of airplanes for a living ever get into teaching Emotional Intelligence?

Ha! That’s a great question!

A few years ago, my emotional cluelessness had taken me to a place I didn’t like. I found myself yelling at my wife, being short with my daughter, not living up to my potential, and I didn’t know why.

It wasn’t going to be pretty if I kept going like this, and I knew something had to change.

Learning about this foreign, new thing called “feelings and emotions” was scarier than anything I ever faced in the military or my 23+ year business career.

But an amazing thing happened: every area of my life started to transform for the better!

People are my jam and I love sharing the message of Emotional Intelligence almost as much as I love tacos, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and snowboard days with the family!

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