Pamela Gray WillcoxHigh School Guidance Counselor, Statheros Academy

Pamela holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from The University of Louisiana Lafayette, an MBA from The University of Tampa, and a College Counseling Certification from UC San Diego Extension.She worked in Admissions and Public Relations at the University of Tampa for eight years setting recruitment records for students. She is also an award winning Designer that started her own agency called Graymatters De-sign and worked with clients such as Disney, Epcot, MGM Studios, Busch Gardens, Mountain High Yoghurt, Tall Grass Spa, the Radisson and Holiday Inn Denver, Duke University and many others. Working in corporate train-ing, educational promotional design, ad agencies, and website design for most of her career including her recent UX/UI Digital certification from Career Foundry, Berlin Germany. She decided to combine her skills to help families navigate the college admissions process. “My mission is to help families find schools that are a perfect fit for their students and the family budget”. She specifically looks for schools that give a generous amount of merit aid, out-of-state waivers, and other opportunities for students to lower their financial burden for college. She acts as a personal promoter for each student while also providing many other services which include the creation of transcripts, student websites, resumes, scholarship searches, essay help, and other admssions related services.

Before joining Statheros and My Homeschool Hub, Pamela started The Fat Envelope in 2014 and has experience working with gifted students, students on the spectrum, performance artists, visual artists, college-bound ath-letes, students majoring in architecture, marine biology, aviation, nursing, engineering, computer science, pre-med, and prelaw students. Her students have been schooled in a variety of settings, online, brick and mortar, and homeschooled students. As the creator and presenter of the K12 Corp. online College and Career Workshops, she has presented to families and online schools all across the country. She recently designed and illustrated a series of ESL books with her daughter in conjunction with the Chinese government to be distributed to Chinese middle school children. “Unlike our parents, today’s parents are able to pick from an array of many great educational choices to accommodate different learning styles, just as there are colleges and universities that are a great fit for all types of students. I believe every student has a talent and amazing academic potential and it’s my job to help find and bring that out in each of my students”.

Pamela is a wife of 26 years and mother of two young adults, one attends the Colorado Film School and the other is a graduate of Duke University and Goldsmiths College at The University of London. Pamela homeschooled her own kids during middle school and has lots of creative ideas to make it fun and interesting. She gives her time and talents to many community events even helping to start The Venue Theatre Company in Conifer, CO and doing pro-bono work for AidChild Africa. She is excited to be working with Colleen as part of the Statheros Academy and My Homeschool Hub staff, in order to help  families who homeschool High School, achieve their goals.

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