Rachel StevensMentor Mom

    Rachel has been married to the love of her life and her high school sweetheart for 28 years. They have 5 amazing kids who have homeschooled from the very beginning. Through owning their own business for 22 years, hospital births, home-birthing, changing churches (and truly finding their spiritual home in the Eastern Orthodox Church), moving from the city to off-grid country living, owning goats, chickens, dogs, cats (kittens galore), fish, guinea pigs, and quail (so far), building barns, and everything country living entails they have stayed the course. There have been amazing days, horrible days, and normal days. Rachel also sells Young Living products, and she and her kids created a health unit about essential oils.

    Homeschooling isn’t something they do, or even who they are, it’s a way of life. It’s something she will miss immeasurably when her youngest graduates in 2029. Rachel will most miss picking out curriculum with her kids, planning the school year, giving first day of school gifts, and read aloud times.

    2023, marks her 21st year of homeschooling. She has used textbooks/workbooks, unit studies, online courses, co-ops, & created her own units/courses. Rachel has experience with printed planners, journals to journal days instead of planning them, online planners, has even made her own. Her family has submitted NOI’s and enrolled in an umbrella school (Statheros Academy). She has overseen her kids take the CAT and PASS tests, and has done parent evaluations. Homeschooling kids of all ages from Kindergarten & 12th grade at the same time has given her a wealth of knowledge. With 2 graduated  from homeschool, 2 currently in high school, and 1 in middle school she understands what families are dealing with.

    When homeschooling our kids we aren’t just teaching them, we are learning alongside them. We learn that even the horrible days can (and should) be treasured. We can model sorrow and forgiveness. The amazing days we model joy and passion. On the ordinary days we model how to knit them all together, even if the stitching might resemble Frankenstein’s stitches. It’s all a treasure to ponder in our hearts. The journey didn’t start with your first day of homeschool and it won’t end the day your baby graduates. 

    Rachel reminds moms to “enjoy the journey,” “you’ve got this,” and God’s got you.” This school year, her motto is, “treasure it all in your heart.” She loves empowering mamas and helping them understand that you CAN teach your kids! If you love your kids, teach them to read, teach them to research their interests, teach them to love learning (even the boring and difficult things). You and your children can achieve anything you set your minds to!


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