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    My name is Sharon Wichael.  I am a native of Colorado, presently living in Conifer.  I am a graduate from Mid America Nazarene College with a BA degree in Psychology and Counseling.  I have been married for 34 years and have homeschooled 5 children through high school graduation. The 6th one will graduate in 2021.  I have been involved in a homeschool co-op for 25 years, currently called Eliora Homeschool Academy, located in Littleton, CO.  Over the past 25 years I have taught all ages and many subjects in primarily an eclectic and traditional methodology.  I have seen how each child is unique in their learning processes, homeschooling allows families to focus on these individual ways of learning. I am a certified standardized tester with Bob Jones University Press. I have experience with many curriculums from whole curriculum texts such as Abeka and Bob Jones, to unit studies, Beautiful Feet, IEW (Writing program), Saxon Math, Math -U-See, Teaching Textbooks, Notgrass history, Sonlight, Apologia Science, and Answers in Genesis,  to name a few of the more popular choices.  Besides curriculum, however, it is important to surround your family with other like-minded families, take advantage of conferences and the many resources available.  My Homeschool Hub is such an organization and it would have been great to have had a resource to tap into early in our homeschooling years.  

    My husband and I felt called to homeschool in 1992.  For many years we would reevaluate that call and always be drawn by the invaluable time and investment we wanted to input into our children.  We soon realized how quickly time passes and felt the urgency to utilize the time we had to the best of our ability.   I love to learn alongside the kids, visiting concepts that I missed in my own school training or perhaps, those things I was never taught in a proper manner.  We never felt the threats that many brave homeschooling families experienced in 1973, when homeschooling was still illegal, but we were in on many of the early stages of the homeschooling movement in Colorado and have seen wonderful works accomplished for families and students over the years.  Currently, as we see the tide of our nation shift because of varying circumstances, we realize the importance of homeschooling even more.  Our parental rights must be protected to train and raise our children as we are mandated by our creator.  Extreme secular curriculums, social agendas and unlawful mandates have challenged this parental right.  Here we are presently approaching the last year of homeschooling as parents, we are so overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity we have had to engage with our kids socially, academically, and spiritually.  We believe in this work wholeheartedly and pray that we will have grandchildren to continue the race in some capacity. 

    On a personal note, I enjoy an active lifestyle of hiking, biking, tennis, and walking.  I enjoy working with my hands crafting or creating food in the kitchen.  I love reading and volunteering for Missions 98, Denver Eagles Homeschool Athletic Association and TLC (Torch Life Church) and I love being with my family and friends in the midst of it all.

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