Trisha WinslowMentor Mom

    am a homeschool graduate and vowed I would never homeschool my own children. I also said, I wouldn’t marry husband “if he was the last person on earth” and today we have been joyfully married for 21 years and going strong. Never say never. I have been homeschooling my 4 children off and on for 13 years and although it has had its moments of trial and difficulty, I have never regretted that decision. (God’s plans are always better) 

    My homeschool motto is “Per kid, per year”. This means I evaluate and pray and consider what each child needs each year. With this being the model for my yearly planning, my students have had the opportunity to participate in full time pubic school, homeschool while attending some classes at public school, homeschool with a public enrichment program, umbrella school, hybrid public school, and online school. This experience has taught me a lot about how the education system works and what we like and don’t like and what works and what doesn’t work. It has also given me insight into moving in and out of the public school system from a home schooler perspective. 

    Although we have experienced many different types of education in our home, we are a homeschool family. This means we approach our education as a way of life not just a box we have to check off. Teaching children how to learn, how to know their own hearts and how to find their way are huge pieces of our home education process. 

    If I had to describe my homeschool style I would call it eclectic, leaning toward traditional. What this looks like is pulling from many, many types of curricula to meet the needs of my students but using mostly textbooks, and traditional ways of educating while throwing in fun and child directed interests at the same time. 

    My hope is that we can connect in a way that brings encouragement and hope to your homeschooling journey no matter where you are along the path! 


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