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Online School Enrichment Academy

This Homeschool Enrichment Academy provides an opportunity for online and homeschooled students to participate in enrichment activities at Gateway Elementary School or Summit Elementary School one day each week. Online and home-schooled middle school and high school students are encouraged to participate part-time in enrichment and content area courses on campus, as well as in athletics and many other activities at Woodland Park High School and Woodland Park Middle School.

Woodland Park Public Library (Rampart Library)

Serving Woodland Park and Florissant

(719) 687-9281

*Not an exhaustive list. Programs are subject to days/times. Registration requirements may apply.

Reading/Writing/Bilingual: Let’s Read Amok, Singing Storyteller, Bookworm

Arts/Crafts/Music: Drawing Club, Yarnia! Photography, Craft and Creation, Anime Club

Math/Science/Computers: Messy Science Institute! For ages 9-12, Mixed Media, Computer Basics< Kritter Karavan

Gaming/Legos: Wii, Lego Club

Clubs and Programs: Teen Advisory Board, Tai Chi

Woodland Park Library Summer Reading

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