Working While Homeschooling

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Working While Homeschooling

Would you like to get paid while you homeschool? Read on to find out how you can make money as a homeschooler, with My Homeschool Hub.

In Crisis

I was recently on a road trip, going from Colorado to Missouri. More than half way to my destination, significant car problems hit. Turning back was not an option, nor could I get to where I needed to go without mechanical intervention. Being away from my home and not knowing who to trust, I was completely vulnerable. How would I get back home to my kids?

It was imperative to get the vehicle to someone trustworthy, quickly.

Who Can You Trust?

My normal practice is to avoid dealerships, unless dealing with a factory recall. When at home, I go to the best mechanic in Colorado Springs. I trust them implicitly and have been going to them for over 10 years.

I was in a new city and had no idea of who was a good or bad mechanic, so I bit the bullet and went to a dealership. They made me feel welcome as I settled into their plush waiting room with complimentary snacks and drinks. Assurances were given for a quick diagnosis and resolution, they said they would get me back on the road as soon as possible. 

The Big Fix

In under an hour they had my problem diagnosed. The differential needed to be replaced, but they insisted that because it is a manual transmission and all wheel drive, they needed to replace the entire transmission for $6000. They said that since this would take so much money and time, I should just trade it in and buy a new car. 

Sorry, Not Sorry

I rejected both of these solutions. I called my mechanic’s shop back home and asked for his opinion. He put an immediate end to the madness, told me to tell them to take my car down and he would call me back in a few minutes with a name of a  mechanic to get it into. In less than ten minutes he called me back. He located a trustworthy place for me to take my car! I called the shop in Topeka, KS and they said they would look at it right away. 

AJR & TTS to the Rescue

I got the car over to Topkea Transmission Service and they were phenomenal! It was quick and thorough service, even though I arrived under an hour before closing time! They were able to do $130 work of work and send me on my way. They told me what was really wrong with the car and made sure it was safe for my journey back to Colorado. Doyle and his team at Topeka Transmission Service are great people and I knew I was in good hands, just like when with Daniel and Paul at our mechanic shop back home, Accurate Japanese Repair. 


I am so thankful for both of these mechanics. Both are trustworthy and are very good at what they do. They truly care about doing a good job and taking care of customers. These guys don’t see dollar signs, they see real people and treat us with respect. 

In a city where I knew no one, I desperately wanted to be able to ask a local homeschooler who they trust with their car. 

Finding a good mechanic to do business with is a valuable gift! A bad mechanic can wreak financial havoc on your life and schedule, on the other hand a good mechanic that you can trust is a comfort that is impossible to fake and hard to duplicate. 

The Dream

As I was sitting and waiting to find out what was happening with my car, I was dreaming of the day when the Exhibit Hall will be filled. The goal is that no matter where homeschoolers live or travel, we can find great people to do business with who have been recommended by other homeschoolers. I created this space specifically for homeschoolers to share their favorite businesses with each other and get paid to do it. I pay homeschoolers to sell space in the Exhibit Hall to businesses they trust. 

Work from Home While You Homeschool

Would you like to get paid to connect homeschoolers with people you like to do business with? This can be anyone, from tutors, to dentists, orthodontists, hair stylists, swim teams, private instrument teachers, or even recreational places! You are only limited by your imagination.

No punching a clock, no checking in with a boss, and no limit on how much money you can make. 

I would love to help you not just ease financial strain, but help you do provide well for your family. If you are interested in signing up to get paid for business referrals, check out My Homeschool Hub’s Word of Mouth Program.




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